Work Continues on Controversial Project at Ebers and Greene

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ob-ebers-work-102116-3New Drawings Still Label New Construction just As an “Addition”

Eyewitnesses report that up to 8 workers entered the property of the controversial project at Ebers and Greene Streets this morning – Friday, October 21st – and began doing various jobs at the site.

One worker was seen getting up on the roof and appeared to be removing some plywood. Curtis Nelson, the owner, was also seen on the site.  The construction site is behind fencing that prevents any clear views of what’s going on – for at least the ground floor.

In fact, a few workers were seen on the site on this past Sunday, October 16th – the day after there was a rally of 60 OBceans protesting the project in front of the site.

ob-ebers-new-drawing-1This is the same site, of course, that a town hall meeting was held about on Wednesday night – the 19th, at the OB Rec Center. And it was during that meeting where it was decided nearly unanimously by the large crowd attending that OB is demanding that Mayor Kevin Faulconer issue a stop-work order for the project, much as he did for a project in Point Loma not too long ago – the Emerson and Evergreen project.

The town hall meeting also wants the project to have to go through the regular process – go before the OB Planning Board and be subject to review by the California Coastal Commission.  The meeting grew out of that rally held Saturday.

The developer – Nelson and his Nelco Properties – know full well what is going on within the community, the rally, the town hall meeting, and the call for a cease work directive from the top executive of San Diego. So, he’s upping the ante, in a sense, by having workers cram the site and do as much work as they can. One eyewitness told the OB Rag that the workers appear to be day-laborers, not skilled carpenters, etc.

ob-ebers-new-drawing-2-goodIn other developments …

New Drawings

Also, on another plane, Nelco has come up with new drawings of the project. Take a look at these nice pictures. But do notice the label of “addition” under the new construction.

Statement by Nelco Properties

Nelco Properties, the developer, finally broke their silence on the project and issued a statement to the press. In their statement, they declare:

Nelco Properties is a strong supporter of the Ocean Beach community and its residents. With this project we are working to beautify the community and bring increased home values to the surrounding neighborhood.

And despite what’s been disclosed with all the public discussion of the project, Nelco says:

The project conforms to all required municipal codes, city development regulations, and has obtained all required permits; it has been approved by City and County agencies.

Neighbors and local planning experts want to differ.

Claiming that they have complied with all the rules and regulations, the claim is made that they  –

“have enlisted independent licensed land surveyors to survey the property. They have certified that the height of this structure is within the allowable 30 feet height limit.”

This despite the use of unlicensed contractors which triggered an investigation by the state contractors’ licensing board. Then Nelco makes the incredulous claim:

We take all concerns raised by our neighbors seriously. Working with our neighbors, we have made some modifications to the project and will continue to keep them updated.

And then the hammer. Curtis Nelson, the owner of Nelco, appears to take direct aim at the small handful of neighbors who have led the effort to bring attention to the flaws and problems with the project. It’s no secret that Allison and Mick Rush – and their friend, Greg Cox, have been attempting to mobilize their neighbors and the rest of OB for months. Their protests of the project have included signs, yes, but nothing criminal or vandalized.  A small fire was set on the 3rd floor of the project back in August – and flamed out fairly harmlessly. But the Rushes and their friends didn’t have anything to do with it.

Here Nelson goes:

Unfortunately, there have been some individuals who have vandalized the property, harassed and threatened workers, posted slanderous signs, made anonymous death threats via phone and set the project on fire. We are distressed by this behavior and do not wish have violence or criminal activity in Ocean Beach.

Contact Mayor and Zapf’s Offices

OBceans are being urged to contact Mayor Faulconer’s office and the office of Councilwoman Lorie Zapf. Besides the usual front office numbers, also please use these:

Anthony George – special rep from Mayor Faulconer for OB – 619-453-9938; and Conrad Wear – our rep from Zapf’s office: 619-237-1298.

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OBKing October 24, 2016 at 2:57 pm

Get.A.Life – We need all the housing we can get, especially in OB. Let these people do their jobs and maybe you can do yours – report real stories.


Stop 2269 Ebers October 26, 2016 at 8:20 am

Read more about this project and what we can do to stop it
Sign up for our newsletter and join us at the OB Planning Board meeting on Wednesday November 2 at 6pm at the OB Rec Center.


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