A Re-Newed Call for OBceans to Study the New Community Plan Update

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Editor: Reposting this article from June 21 for obvious reasons, slightly edited; it is the Season of the Community Plan.

This is the season of the community plan.  A new Update Draft is upon us.

What’s this all about?

Development and urban planning in OB is guided by the community’s blueprint, the OB Precise Plan.  After a grassroots fight in OB against the original plan the City offered in the early 1970’s, a new plan that reflected a wider cross-section of the community’s involvement in its direction and implementation, was passed by the City in 1975.

That established the OB Planning Board – which has existed ever since – with the authority to enforce the OB Precise Plan.

The City led the initiative for an “update” of the plan beginning in 2002 and ending just recently.  The new Update Draft was presented to the Planning Board on June 5.

Not until July 20th will the Draft be made “officially” to the public.  But it is already available to be downloaded and copied – and studied.  The  Draft is now available on the San Diego Planning Commission website.  Here is the link to the website of the San Diego Planning Commission.  Here is the PDF version.

When you reach the page, scroll down to June 20th and go to the links (pdf file) for the OB Community Plan Update – there is two.  There’s also a letter dated June 13 from planning staff to the Planning Commission.

The OB Planning Board also has a link on their website.

It’s incumbent for all conscious OBceans (OBcians?) to obtain and review this new Draft.  It’s our community plan that is being changed and “updated”.

Also study the debate that is already going on. See here, here, here, and here.

Please plan on attending the OB Planning Board special Town Hall for Public Comments on Wednesday, November 18th at the Masonic Center to discuss your thoughts on the proposed changes.

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Robert Burns October 24, 2013 at 12:23 pm

Please send the link to the officially released OB LUP update and info on where it is in the City and Coastal Commission approval processes.


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