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Tarot dalizodiac_virgoBy Kelsey Lynore / The Tarot Nook

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs. The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts. Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


Prepare for a banner week, Aries. But know this: Your dreams won’t come true if you isolate yourself in your own mental bubble and fantasize about how great your life could be if only. You need to move out into the world and make it happen! Is it scary? Of course! Will it get your blood pumping? I sure hope so! But where you might have tried and failed in the past, you now stand a very good chance of succeeding. So, strap on your hiking boots, pack only those things that you want to carry with you into the future, and then move towards that future. As soon as you do move, you really, really will. Yee-haw!


Prepare to take the dangerous pathway to get to the other side of the soul, Taurus… Something tells me that’s not what you want to hear from me this week. Well, tough! You see, while I understand that you believe that’s a journey you’ve already made and/or have been making, the expanse that you’ve covered is the psychic equivalent of a kiddie pool. The plastic kind from WalMart. Quit being such a sissie! You’ve been limiting your stakes in the hopes of maintaining some semblance of control and normalcy. Well, you’re not in control and you’re not normal. But you know what you can be? Brave.


You’re resourceful. You know that, right? Of all the things you might doubt, it’s not yourself. Your situation on the other hand…. Well actually, that shouldn’t be doubted either. You are sitting far more prettier than you might suspect, Gemini. In large part because you’ve somehow got it in to your head that you need to make a clear choice between to entirely different options. Nonsense! You need make no such choice this week. Rather kick back, let your mind wander, and just drift. Refuse to be bullied and pushed and you’ll find safe passage in the most unexpected place!


Expect the unexpected, Cancer. And enjoy this modest cliché for what it is — Your one moment of boring familiarity before a week that looks set to unfold rather rapidly. Expect quick missives and fast communiques of the most expansive variety. Oh, yay! And do not try to control the flow of information, anticipate your environment, or manage the people around you. That would be terribly presumptuous as you. You simply aren’t qualified. Instead, trust that you will be looked after and work diligently upon the territory you’ve been tending ever so lovingly for oh-so-long. I dare say, if you don’t try to domesticate it, it looks set to bear some wild fruit!


You’re itching to plant a new seed in your life, Leo. Past experience tells you that you know which seed and where it should go. Only that’s the problem. You’re paying way too much attention to what you know when you should be focusing on all that you don’t know. Don’t get sedimented and stuck in your way. Instead, be brave enough to truly pursue a new way. To achieve this, lose some of your authority and become more like a child adventurer. Discover a new land, even if you have to play pretend to do it. My hope is you’ll come across some new soil, as the terrain you know won’t do for the seed you’ve got!


You’re still healing, Virgo. Although you’re probably so focused on where you think you should be that you can’t appreciate your own nascent nature. You are delicate! You are perhaps even a bit banged up psychologically. Be kind enough to yourself to accept and protect your own tempo. You deserve that level of respect, even if you haven’t received it from others so often in the past. Because that’s the rub here — If you race off into a struggle with or for others, if you expand your domain without honoring your own healing process, you’ll find that you become a victim (again) of your own past experiences. Something like PTSD. Give yourself some time to lie low and recuperate. You really do deserve it.


And if your week should erupt in ooe-gooey love… What then, Libra? Will you let it slip through your fingers because you were doing something else prior to its eruption? Will you become distracted and confused, bumbling about in circles like some druggy in a stupor? Will you abdicate your responsibility under the pretense of chance? Or will you fall to your knees and worship at its altar with focus, dedication, determination, and commitment? I won’t lie — This could be one of the best weeks of your life, but only if you pursue your love with the dogged determination of a Pit Bull. Heads up!


It’s like you’re trying to nurse a stillborn baby, Scorpio. It’s sad, it’s perverse, and it’s understandable. I don’t know what I can say to stop that crushing feeling. And woe unto the tender scorpion who doesn’t know to what I am referring! Look, it doesn’t have to be a dead baby. It could be that your baby is growing and no longer needs to nurse. Which means that you are the one in need. Quit managing. Quit organizing. Quit tending. And quit hen-pecking! Let this next transformation occur on its own terms. It no longer needs you to nourish it. You’ve done all you can. Trust that and let go! And you’ll find that your baby isn’t the only one who undergoes a transformation!


Allow yourself to dream this week, Sadge. Allow yourself to indulge in your own fantasies. Allow yourself to marinate in your own ether, to drift with your own subconscious flow. You have many opportunities available to you, but you may not be seeing them clearly because of past pain and hurt. What happened that wounded you so bad it occluded your vision? Or encouraged you to put on your own blinders in the hopes that out of sight really was out of mind? Well, that bogeyman no longer shadows your every move and you desperately need your peripheral vision. So start with your mind’s eye and give it full rein. Dream, baby, dream.


If you feel called into battle, then you really need to hang back, Capricorn. You haven’t been handed a crusade and you have no divine duty to rush in where angels fear to tread. So please don’t be a fool this week. You need to evolve beyond past relationship patterns, and that won’t happen if you keep interacting with others in the same knee-jerk fashion. So take some alone time. It won’t be comfortable and it won’t be easy, but you need to cool it on the social interactions long enough to understand what is beneficial to yourself and others, and what is not. If you rush in, you’ll be doing the same dumb thing you’ve done 100 times before. Take a time out.


Don’t invest in death this week, Aquarius. And holding steady on a plan that has run its course is most definitely an investment. Value yourself and your time a bit more and be proactive about this ending. It’s better to be the finishing blade than the miserly mommy who hangs on too long, right? Right! So wake up, get frisky, and get adventuresome. Be the clarion call for this brilliant new epoch and speak your truth. That’s supposed to be your role in this unfolding. Don’t miss your chance to become your own potential!


It’s time to make your journey across the savage badlands and tumultuous seas, Pisces. It’s time to find your fortune in a foreign land. Have you got the chutzpah? Gee whiz, I hope so. Are you filled with the divine breath of inspiration? Errr… perhaps not. But you need to actively work on changing that attitude this week. I know, you’re probably weary, tired, and overwhelmed. You want nothing more than to disappear into some hole. Please don’t. You won’t find your destiny in a hole — unless you created it with dynamite while looking for gold. Suck it up and get cracking, little fish. Tomorrow is your promise. But she won’t come to you. You must go to her.

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p.d. September 20, 2013 at 12:35 am

Obscure and somewhat condescending.


Molly September 20, 2013 at 2:25 am

Amusing and somewhat accurate.


bodysurferbob September 20, 2013 at 2:30 am

wow, the ob rag has something else besides politics. amazing.


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