News From Around the Peninsula: Surf Rider Pizza, Point Loma Home Sales, Accused OB Sexual Attacker to Go to Trial

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Point Loma google satellitesurf rider pizza logoSurf Rider Pizza Celebrates 3 Years in OB

One of the best pizza places in OB is now celebrating its third year in town.  Surf Rider Pizza Cafe, at the corner of Abbot and Muir, has wonderful slices and pies, very unique. They also offer wonderful desserts in their show cases.  Here is what they say on their website:

Surf Rider Pizza Cafe was founded in August 2010 with the simple goal of bringing great east coast style pizza and grub to San Diego. We also serve “sugary goodness” in our freshly baked treats daily. Expect a great selection, great service, and great food everytime you stop in. We are a block or so from dog beach in O.B., so bring your mutt by after a dip and hang out on our dog friendly patio and enjoy a slice.

Accused OB Sexual Assaulter to Go to Trial

Several months ago, one Richard C Butts was arrested in Ocean Beach accused on kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women here.  The assaults occurred over a 7 month time.  On Friday, August 16, Superior Court Judge David Gill ordered Butts to stand trial on the charges after his preliminary hearing.

Butts, 26, is charged in March with one count each of kidnapping with intent to commit a sexual assault, forced oral copulation and assault with intent to commit a sexual offense .

The charges stem from one incident on March 24th where the accused attacked a 26-year-old woman as she walked home from a friend’s house.  Then a month later – he was also charged with kidnapping and forcibly raping a second woman about 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 25, 2012.

Both attacks were geographically close to each other.

At the prelim, the victim from the attack that happened one year ago almost exactly to the day, testified that “she was jumped from behind on Muir Avenue as she walked toward her boyfriend’s house, punched twice and dragged down a driveway and into a backyard, where her assailant tried to rape her.  She stated that the attacker pulled her hooded sweatshirt over her head, so she didn’t get a good look at him.  She said the attack continued until the assailant heard something, jumped up and ran off,” according to CNS.

A next door neighbor, James Delmar, testified that he was awakened by loud voices and a commotion. and saw a male dragging a woman down a driveway, hearing her screaming loudly.  He stated she yelled:  “Please stop! Don’t do this! Let me go,” and the assailant responded with “Shut the (expletive) up, bitch.”

Here is more from the news account:

Delmar said the man was breathing heavily and could have been choking the victim during the assault.

Deputy District Attorney Wendy Patrick said the attack in March of this year happened about 10:15 p.m. as the victim tried to make her way home after dinner at a friend’s house.

A 911 caller reported the woman screaming for help near Bacon and Voltaire streets. When witnesses ran to her aid, the assailant bolted toward Robb Field, San Diego police Detective Gary Hassen said. Patrol officers found him near the park a short time later and arrested him.

After Friday’s preliminary hearing, Judge David Gill ruled that enough evidence was presented for Butts to stand trial Dec. 13. A readiness conference is set for Nov. 6.


Top Home Sales Around Point Loma

According to the Daily Transcript, here are recent sales in Point Loma

  • Charles B. Christensen and Susan M. Christensen sold a house on 2684 Jonquil Drive for $1,300,000 to George A. Espinosa and Claudine E. Espinosa on July 26.
  • Carole Barlas, successor trustee, sold a house on 3524 Carleton St. for $875,000 to Robert T. Stamps and Sarah A. Stamps, co-trustees, on July 26.
  • Stephanie Blakey Lower and Andre Blakey, successor co-trustees, sold a house on 3635 Curtis St. for $860,000 to Jeffrey D. Lower and Stephanie B. Lower on July 26.
  • Albert E. Trepte and Celeste A. Trepte, trustees, sold a house on 3311 Kellogg Way for $3,250,000 to Edward J. Brown Jr. and Kathleen V. Brown, co-trustees, on July 25.
  • ARP Real Estate I, LLC sold a house on 3104 Avenida de Portugal for $2,020,000 to American Coastal Properties, LLC on July 25.
  • Linda Canon and Joan C. Stevens sold a house on 3445 Dickens St. for $789,000 to William P. Brown and Shannon C. Brown on July 25.
  • Sanda Hanshaw, successor trustee, sold a condominium on 1021 Scott St., No. 160 for $445,000 to Jerelyn W. Biehl on July 24.
  • Willis J. Kaufman and Janice S. Kaufman sold a house on 2092 Historic Decatur Road for $747,500 to James Christopher and Kimberly Christopher on July 18.
  • Jeffrey M. Farrier and Tammy V. Farrier, trustees, sold a house on 3324 Harbor View Drive for $1,874,000 to Becky L. Robbins, trustee, on July 17.
  • Terence B. Jope and Tammy R. Jope, trustees, sold a house on 829 Rosecrans St. for $1,825,000 to Kevin D. Olson and Bonnie L. Alexander on July 17.
  • Tom Battaglia and Michele Battaglia, trustees, sold a house on 3540 Kellogg Way for $2,995,000 to Thomas H. Carruthers and Katherine M. Carruthers on Feb. 28.
  • Robert Teel sold a house on 1145 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. for $2,625,000 to Richard E. Peterson and Jill M. Peterson on July 2.
  • James H. Garrett, successor trustee, sold a house on 721 Golden Park Ave. for $2,400,000 to Ashley J. Mullen, trustee, on July 10.
  • Liquid Sky Properties One, LP sold a house on 826 Rosecrans for $2,400,000 to Chad Robley on May 2.
  • Asset Sentry, trustee, sold a house on 3235 Harbor View Drive for $2,400,000 to Lewis I. Schainuck and Michelle T. Schainuck on March 5.
  • Thomas Bruskotter and Jacqueline Bruskotter sold a house on 414 San Remo Way for $2,100,000 to Robert S. Harward Jr. and Mary J. Harward on May 17.

The Daily Transcript (Subscription)

San Diego Indie Fest Seeks Meaning

Fox5 reports that “hundreds of independent artists from around the globe walked the red carpet and took to the stages at Point Loma Liberty Station to showcase their talents at San Diego IndieFest-8.”  Here is the rest of their report:

The three-day event that kicked off on Friday is a place where independent filmmakers, musicians, businesses, and non-profits get their time to shine.  Organizers of SD IndieFest-8 said they hope to change the perception of ”indie” art, which is usually synonymous to “low budget” or “poor quality.”

“Indie now means something else,” said Danielle Lopresti, Co-Producer of the event. “It’s like ‘fist in the air, revolution!’ We’re doing it ourselves. We’re finding a way to define ourselves and our art the way we see fit.”

One of the headliners is Steve Grand. He is a college dropout from Chicago, who ditched the labels and became an overnight youtube sensation. Just six weeks after it’s release, his song, “All -American Boy” has almost 2 million hits.

“Most of it’s recorded in my parent’s basement,” admitted Grand.  “All-American Boy” is a love ballad about a boy and a boy.  Grand used his independent status to his advantage by debuting the music video on youtube. He said by not having a middle man getting in the way, he was able to convey the message he was trying to send. “It’s about appealing to a specific niche,” said Grand. “That is what I am trying to do. I stay focused on them because that is what they deserve.”

Independent filmmakers at the event also did things non-traditionally.

Creators of “Counterpunch,” ’A Beautiful Mind’ meets ‘Rocky’ film, arrived at the San Diego IndieFest-8 red carpet a little out of order.

“We did’t get picked up,” said Kenneth Castillo Co-Writer and Director of ‘Counterpunch.’ ”We got distribution, and now film festivals are screening us.” Lionsgate already picked up the film. But creators say they love the free spirit of indie festivals.

Organizers hope their free-spirited visitors will be inspired to become artists of their own. “When you see what another independent has done all on their own, I think it’s almost impossible not to think, ‘What can I do?’” said Lopresti. “What do I have inside of me that I’ve always want to do?”

San Diego IndieFest-8 continues until Sunday. Organizers say Saturday is the most eventful of the three days, with big name indie artists like Talib Kwali and Cake taking the stage.


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