“No more Fukushimas” Rally in Tokyo Draws 200,000

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The following is a report from Doro-Chiba Quake Report about a huge anti-nuke protest rally in Toyko on Friday, the 29th of June. “No more Fukushimas” was their rally cry.

On Friday, June 29, 200 thousand people inundated the streets around the Prime Minister’s Office and Residence, the Parliament Building and other facilities.

Around 5:40 PM, the “protest on the sidewalk” spilled over to the streets. Around 6:50 PM, all the six traffic lanes of the street from the crossing in front of the Prime Minister’s Office through the Ministry of Finance were completely occupied by workers and people, young and old, who held makeshift placards. Other streets nearby were also full of protesters. It was a Tahrir Squar in Tokyo.

The huge crowd of people began to move toward the PM’s Office, chanting “Saikado hantai” (“Stop Restart”). The panic-stricken police moved dozens of armored police vehicles and built a wall with them and stopped the march of protesters at the last minute.

Prior to this action the women from Fukushima and the rest of Japan held a rally inside the Upper House Building and in front of the main gate of the Parliament. Around 5:45 PM, they joined the protest in front of the PM’s Office and led chants and speeches. NAZEN contingents also led chants.

The delegation of Ethecon from Germany emphasized, “We have to strengthen solidarity and unity in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia in order to abolish nuclear plants.” The protesters cheered and chanted loud with them.

A historical upsurge of tens of millions of workers and people has begun.

We have to organize an anti-nuke movement in labor unions and workplaces, passing resolutions and mobilize entire workers in each workplace to Yoyogi Park rally on July 16.

Organize half million protest -Organize a huge worldwide anti-nuke movement together with us in Japan!

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