Topless Women Protest Decency Laws in Venice Beach and Portland

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Women go topless at Venice Beach on the Boardwalk.

Up at Venice Beach a hundred miles away and further north in Portland, Oregon, women – and men – are protesting laws against women going top-less in public.

In Venice Beach – a community of Los Angeles that looks a like like Ocean Beach, only three times larger – a protest was held by women going top-less as they protested and strolled down the Boardwalk. Men in support accompanied them wearing bikini tops. The men also wore bottoms.  The protest was organized by a group called “Go Topless”. They say laws discriminate against women by forcing them to wear tops in public, and the laws are unconstitutional.

Men in support of the protest wear bikini tops.

And in Portland – where surprisingly, it’s not against the law for women to go topless – another demonstration was held where women shunned their tops and barred their chests.  One women asked, “Why do men get to rip their shirts off at any time?”

Women in Portland, Oregon go topless.

Other rallies were held across the country in support of the topless movement.  The women involved are part of a new feminist movement – particularly in Europe –  involving women protesting different issues while topless.

See msnbc video:

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Goatskull May 21, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Not that I’m losing much sleep over this one way or the other, but ya gotta figure that if women can and do go topless on the beaches of Greece which by and large is a pretty conservative and religious country but they can’t hear it just kind of shows us to be bass askwards.


KeninSD May 21, 2012 at 2:42 pm

I guess the Rag is not fully supporting this protest as the pics of the article only show the woman protesters backs!


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