Progressive San Diegan New Year’s Resolution: Check Out All the Local Progressive and Liberal Blogs and Websites

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Now that we’re in 2012, and now that the OB Rag just experienced our best month ever in December with 116,000 readers (“unique visitors”), we wanted to share San Diego’s cyberspace by highlighting many of the other local progressive, liberal, and important blogs and websites around here.  Over the past year, we’ve re-posted many articles from these other websites – always with an attribution and link, of course.

So, as sort of a progressive San Diegan New Year’s resolution to check out the other, lesser known websites, we offer you direct links here to their homepages (in no particular order).

  • Two Cathedrals offers San Diego readers insightful treasures of San Diego’s political scene, with heavy hitter, Lucas O’Connor the main writer.  We often link to its posts and usually receive good responses.
  • Perhaps the largest local website off the radar is the East County Magazine, edited by Miriam Raferty. It offers everything from off-beat news, reports of progressive actions, descriptions and videos of out-of-the-way hikes, to the east county crime blotter, and civic group announcements.
  • Will Blog For Food – run by editor and writer John Lawrence, offers daily, well-articulated economic treatises, critical of the current economic system.
  • George Janczyn’s GrokSurf’s San Diego is all about water issues in this desert seacoast county, and a necessary website to check out because it has everything from “a” to “z” on this crucial resource (although he hasn’t posted anything for 2012 yet).
  • Then there is Excuse Me, I’m Writing – with a true blog format – from up in the North County of San Diego.  Feminist blogger Kit Bacon Gressest has nearly single-highhandedly taken on the racist and sexist Koala network of private student newspapers.  It also offers a lot of reviews of novels.
  • The Progressive Post – also out of North County – is more of a progressive news website, with emphasis naturally on north county events, but also with national news, cartoons and videos. Joe Crew – its editor – is also a community activist in the region.
  • Also check out politickybitch by nunya, lots of great vids and links.
  • And a must see is San Diego Politico, with daily links to important local San Diego news.

I know there are other progressive and liberal – or offbeat websites and blogs in our county. If you also know of some, or one, let us know – send us a link in the comments below. In the meantime, check these great blogs out – and of course, always come back to the most progressive website in San Diego County – you’re starring at it – the OB Rag.

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Lucas O'Connor January 6, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Thanks Frank! Hope to see everyone at the Two Cathedrals First Birthday Party, coming up on the 18th, cause we’re just getting warmed up:


John Friend January 6, 2012 at 3:57 pm

Thanks for all these links! I’ve heard of Two Cathedrals, but the others are new to me! I will check them out shortly.

I’ve been blogging on my own personal blogspot for a little over one year now. I wouldn’t consider myself “progressive” persay, but I certainly offer readers an alternative interpretation of geopolitics and history. You can find my blog at



K-B January 7, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Thanks, Frank — that was a sweet pitch! A note, though: I’m in Guatemala for three weeks, distracted from writing by the wonders and sorrows of Nebaj. I start spewing again soon. …


George (GrokSurf) January 9, 2012 at 9:56 am

Frank…I’m sorry about the lack of stories recently. I’ve been dealing with several health issues since last October and that pretty much cut off most of my ability to attend meetings and visit water facilities and do photography and other fun stuff…for the time being. I am continuing to monitor water news stories in order to publish the weekly “San Diego Regional Water News Roundup” series. Thanks for the thoughtful comments some of you have sent my way…I’m trying to stay optimistic and hope to get back into the swing of things before much longer.


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