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Here’s our “Best Of…” posts from 2010, month by month. Over this past year, we’ve published 953 articles on this here website.  We’ve tried to include some of the best of each of our writers’ and we’ve done it on a month to month basis for the entire year.  The selections below were based on subject matter, comments, and popularity, or just because they were “so OB!” We’re certain we missed some of the good posts – but there were so many!

Nude swimmer arrested after struggle with police. Photo by Jim Grant


Sunshine – Moon Beam reflects on OB Peoples origins

Dickie Magidoff – Reader Rave: Watching OB From Afar … and Lovin’ It

Nate Hipple – Breaking news on Newport, naked man nearly incites riot

Allison W. Maris  – Saratoga Park Condo Site Up For Sale?

John M. Williams – Initial Thoughts on Being in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Anna counters Tea Party

Frank/Patty – San Diego Progressives sing at Tea Party

hippiereborn  – Blame Yourself and Your City Leaders – not the Kids

Sarah Little – An Ode to OB – Why I stayed in my adopted town …

Danny – Impressions of OB Town Council

Sunshine – Mindy Pellissier – from a dog wash to serving Ocean Beach for 17 years

Lane Tobias – Should OB Have a Town Hall Meeting on the Homeless Youth and the Police ?

OB Cindi – Another Report of the OB Town Council Forum On the Homeless

Anna Daniels – Tea Party Hypocrites – San Diego Style

Dave Rice – More on the rich, the middle class, taxes and the tea baggers

Dave Rice – More thoughts on the tsunami tea party rally


First Coffee Party Gathering

John Williams – Riyadh Calling …

Patty Jones – – San Diego Coffee Party Movement first meeting gets a big turn-out!

Frank Gormlie – San Diego Coffee Party Percolates – Turn-Out So Large Four Groups Formed

Dave Rice – ‘We’re Watching You’ – Surveillance Cameras to Be Installed On OB Pier and Around Mission Bay

Frank Gormlie – The Power That One Family Has on Newport Avenue


OB's Doctor Jeoff Gordon

Ernie McCray – Excuse Me but There’s Two Teenagers with Weapons in the Room

Anna Daniels – You’ve got to be kidding… Brian Bilbray solves the immigration problem thanks to the shoes of the people

Shane Finneran – Jeoff Gordon, MD: Busy OB doc has time for social justice

Frank Gormlie – BREAKING NEWS: California Begins Construction of Border Fence Along Arizona Border

Doug Porter – Group Seeks To ‘Modernize’ School Board – Democracy Be Dammed

Frank Gormlie – Neo-Confederates, the Militias and the Tea Parties – Are We Heading for a Second Civil War?


Mobile Artist at work

Photos by Jim Grant – OB Riddle: Why did the baby sea lion cross the road?

Anna Daniels – Listening to Nina Simone after listening to Rand Paul

Jon Carr – Local OB artist creating mobile community mural

Lane Tobias – An Open Letter to Rand Paul and His Libertarian Racism

Sarah Little – “We are the Emperor and we’re naked”

Doug Porter – California Primaries – The Race for San Diego County Sheriff – Legacy, Labor and Lunacy Carry the Day

Frank Gormlie – OB Church Parking Lot Provides Sanctuary for Feeding the Homeless

Doug Porter – California Primary : the School Board Races – Secret Societies, Oxymorons and the ‘Evil’ Teachers Union


Ernie McCray stands for children at The Black

Ernie McCray – Standing for Children in Front of the Black

Frank Gormlie – Ouch! We hit a nerve in exposing The Black’s anti-OB attitude

Ernie McCray – Gray Relating to Green

Jack Hamlin – Will Ocean Beach come together and do something about our homeless?

Frank Gormlie – OB’s Intolerance Towards Homeless Now Exposed For All to See.

Jon Carr – San Diego Community Farms and Gardens taking root in OB

Annie Lane – Californians have had it – with plastic bags, that is.

Doug Porter – Fear and Loathing at the Black

Shane Finneran – Prop 19: Imperfect, but worthy of your vote

Frank Gormlie – Update on the ‘bum’ sticker controversy

John M. Williams – Riyadh Calling: Summing Up Six Months As an ESL Teacher

Andy Cohen – Credibility: Darrell Issa’s Problem


Heathens in OB

Ed Decker – The Cats of Ocean Beach (An ode to the homeless – of any species)

Brenda McFarlane – OB Voter Registration – Right to Vote for Ex-Convicts and the Homeless

Staff – Dusty Rhodes Dog Park Troubles

Dave Rice – OB Planning Board: Kevin and the Amazing Technicolor Toilet

Doug Porter – Superman Fails To Appear At Forum – OBceans Seek Solutions

Sunshine – ‘I’m disillusioned too … American dream, my ass!’

Doug Porter – Who should have ‘naming rights’ for OB?

Anna Daniels – ‘Want to talk outrage? Here’s how Halliburton screwed my brother.’

Shane Finneran – Ocean Beach’s Miscellaneous Heathens, at it again

Anna Daniel – Mayor Sanders Spins the New Central Library Without City Workers


A view from the Tower

Doug Porter – The Thin Line Between Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Doug Porter – Why We Get High, Part 4: Alcohol, The 800 Pound Elephant in the Room

Staff – The future of Ocean Beach

Doug Porter – Why Proposition 19 Could Fail: No Cash, Talkin’ Trash

Frank Gormlie – Dwindling numbers of tea party activists rally against “Obamacare”

Elaine – Reader Rant: Being Underwater and Coming up for Air

Annie Lane – Savin’ Lives and Takin’ Names – the Lifeguards of Ocean Beach

Frank Gormlie – “I’ve just been kicked off the OB Town Council’s candidate ballot.”

Andy Cohen – More Observations from the “Doctor’s Tea Party”

Frank Gormlie – “Thee Bungalow” to close this weekend and to re-open under a new name

Doug Porter – Narc, Narc! Who’s There? Allegations Shake Pro-Pot Activists

Judi Curry – 2 Types of skunks in the neighborhood – one walks upright.

Frank Gormlie – Democracy, the OB Town Council, and Grassroots Activism


Point Loma High Class of 1950

Frank Gormlie, Patty Jones, Anna Daniels – Rollicking Ragsters Ride the Rails

Staff – QUICK! CHECK THIS OUT: Frank Gormlie’s Secret Plan to Take Over the Ocean Beach Town Council

Doug Porter – The 2010 Fall Election Season – Part One: Dishonesty, Deceit and Deception

Judi Curry – Another Stupid Law: ‘No Mail Slots Allowed’

Frank Gormlie – The Great Bumper Sticker ‘Wars’ Over the Years

Terrie Relf – What Happened to Marisco’s Taco Truck?

Anna Daniels – Are we there yet? The long road to equality for women

Doug Porter – ‘Back To School Special’ Part 3— Why Reforms Don’t Work

Frank Gormlie – The Strand Theater of Ocean Beach – Part 2 – Memories from the Seventies

Shane Finneran – Still Pointers after all these years: PLHS class of 1950 reunites


Gary Gilmore circa 1972

Andy Cohen – The Agenda of ‘No’

Doug Porter – Proposition 22 : Welfare For The Wealthy

Dan Morales – Class bias dominates OBPB decisions

Doug Porter – OB Rag Election Guide: State Races

Judi Curry – WHY GIVE OUT HOMEWORK? – a poem by Judi Curry

Brenda McFarlane – Socks for the Homeless

Frank Gormlie – In the early seventies Gary Gilmore found ‘heaven’ and he’s been in Ocean Beach ever since.

Judi Curry – People Shouldn’t Have to Make Health Care Decisions Based on Money – or Lack of It

Frank Gormlie – Halloween Scare: Meg Whitman came to OB – not to buy a surfboard but – to buy the community.


Ocean Beach VFW - the In Crowd

Anna Daniels – Carl DeMaio – the Misogynist Who Would Be Mayor?

Frank Gormlie – Election Central: Popaditch and supporters push victor Congressman Filner up against a wall.

Citizen Cane – The Hitchhikers’ Guide to Ocean Beach: Attraction #1– The Sideways Tree

Frank Gormlie – Is the City about to cut down a Torrey Pines tree on Long Branch?

Frank Gormlie – Looking through the election ‘trick or treat’ bag for goodies

Judi Curry – Who is ‘boffing’ the ‘widder Curry’?

Andy Cohen – Ocean Beach VFW Outpost Being Forced Out After 27 Years

Danny Morales – Is Paid Parking the Wave Of The Future in Ocean Beach?

Nancy Witt – Reader Rant: About Those Deficit-Reduction Commission Suggestions

Rocky Neptun – Jesus, George Washington and San Diego’s Medical Marijuana Struggle

Dave Rice – “Terriers” – Cast of Characters

Anna Daniels and Sarah Little – Rants Against the TSA

Doug Porter – A Trojan Horse Measure Posing as School Reform

Anna Daniels – The Complexity of Cats


A sidewalk in Ocean Beach

Patty – Popping the Cork

Shane Finneran – Ocean Beach vs North Park: A migrant’s observations

Anna Daniels – “Chicken crap” – The Republican Rallying Cry

Brittany Bailey – Kevin Faulconer Breaks Ground on Ocean Beach ‘Gateway’ Project

Shane Finneran – OB Rag Exclusive: New Wikileaks release details CIA surveillance of Ocean Beach

Brenda McFarlane – The Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association’s Website Investment

Judi Curry – The Forgotten Few (Million)

(anonymous) – Reader Rant: Is it still okay to hate gays?

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OBWarZone December 31, 2010 at 12:48 pm

and the First Best of Story of 2011
Street Sweepers in OB & the new law….
” illegal parkers could be nabbed by street-sweepers armed with digital cameras (AB 2567).”


dave rice December 31, 2010 at 3:02 pm

My almost-mother-in-law used to get ticketed about once a month for forgetting to move her car…now that she’s got a new property manager that’s octupling the rent on her garage, she’ll be back to street parking…and I’ll probably be back to riding over to make sure her car is in the right spot on Thursdays.


annagrace December 31, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Ragsters and Readers- your posts and comments have been thought provoking, revelatory and entertaining. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this unique community- it feels like home, complete with eccentric relatives, loyal friends and beloved dogs and cats.

Lane and Mary- I miss your voices and presence. Jim- your photographs are awesome. John C- thanks for the best zinger comments. “A table for one for Mr. Bitter.” :)

Jerry Rubin said “Don’t tell me what you believe. Show me what you do 24 hours a day and I’ll tell you what you believe.” Special thanks to Frank and Patty, doers par excellence.

Happy New Year!


Frank Gormlie December 31, 2010 at 3:31 pm

I’ll second that emotion! Happy New Year from us and the rest of the OB Rag staff – the OB Ragsters!

I met a man the other day who cares greatly about trees. His favorite saying is: “People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Till next year!


Caroline April 6, 2011 at 8:35 am

Can you tell me waht your source of atribution for that quote by Jerry Rubin is? thanks


doug porter December 31, 2010 at 3:32 pm

oh yeah. happy new year to all you readers and writers out there.
you may not realize it, but you are participating in a very grand experience.
on one level, the OB Rag is the little engine that could…posting and posting away until not so long ago when we realized, hey! we’ve got an audience!
on another level it is an experiment with community based journalism/advocacy. (warts & all)
and on another level the OB Rag is about giving a voice to progressives in an era where the media’s agenda seems to be focused on the lowest common denominator.
thank you!


Patty Jones December 31, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Wow, it’s been a long short year! I just want to thank you all for coming here and for all the support you have given us, support in all kinds of ways.

I know there have disagreements, discussions that at times have us all gnashing our teeth, but we have a tremendous community here and I am so glad to be part of it.

May 2011 bring everyone more of the best and less of the worst. My heartfelt best wishes to all!


Abby December 31, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Happy New Year to all, and best wishes for the new year!

I am happy to know you all!


dave rice January 1, 2011 at 12:01 am

Happy New Year everybody! First post of 2011?


lane tobias January 2, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Seeing my name up there gives me goosebumps. Looking outside and seeing 16 inches of snow makes me cringe…. I sure do miss my family at the OB Rag!


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