‘One Nation’ Mobilizes October 2nd for Jobs, Justice, and Education

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One Nation on Oct. 2nd is a huge event in Washington DC headed by the AFL-CIO and NAACP and endorsed by many other organization.

There is a parallel mobilization here in San Diego on Saturday, October 2nd, involving many of the same organizations.

We will meet from 3:30pm until 4:30pm. Meet at Balboa Park at 6th and Laurel St (El Prado). We will start on time so please try and come early! We encourage you to bring signs, noise makers and energy!

Speakers: President of the Central Labor Council Lorena Gonzales, Martin Eder with Activst San Diego, Founding President of San Diego Stonewall Young Dems Jonathan Goetz, President of UNITE HERE (hotel workers union) Local 30 Bridgette Browning, Economist Doug Brown with the Democratic Socialist of America, Elizabeth Maldonado with the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, Chuck Stempke with San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality, Fred Lonidier, President UC-AFT San Diego Local 2034, a speaker representing “The Invisible Unemployed.” more speakers to be announced soon! If you or your organization is supportive of this event and would be interested in speaking please contact us.

Contact Manderson@UNITEHERE or call Michael @ 954-648-1984 for more information

Don’t miss being part of this day of unity and commitment to jobs, justice and education. Please sign up here.


We are One Nation, born from many, determined to build a more united America – with jobs, justice and education for all.

We are young people, frustrated that society seems willing to spend more locking up our bodies than educating our minds, yet still we find ways to succeed and shine.

We are students and newly-returned veterans – persevering in the face of mounting debt – determined not to be the first generation to end up worse off than our parents.

We are baby boomers and seniors – who saw hope killed in 1968 and will not let the dream of a united America be taken from us again.

We are conservatives and moderates, progressives and liberals, non-believers and people of deep faith, united by escalating assaults on our reason, our environment, and our rights.

We are workers of every age, faith, race, sex, nationality, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and ability – who have suffered discrimination but never stopped loving our neighbors, or our nation.

We are American Indians and Alaska Natives – citizens of Native nations – who maintain our cultures, protect our sovereignty, and strength America’s economy.

We are the new immigrants, raising our children in the torchlight of the Statue of Liberty, while confronting the shadows that are bigotry and mass deportations.

We are the native born. We inherited the divided legacies of settlers and American Indians, black slaves and white and Asian indentured servants. And yet, in this moment of shared suffering, we rejoice in newfound friendships and new alliances.

We are people who got thrown out – thrown out of our jobs, schools, houses, farms and small businesses – while Wall Street’s wrongdoers got bailed out. We are families who pray every day – for peace and prosperity; for deliverance from foreclosures; for good jobs to come back to urban and rural America.

We are unemployed workers – forced to watch hopes for bold action dashed – because some Senators threaten filibusters, and other would-be champions fold in fear.

And yet, we are the majority – fueled by hope, not hate. We have the pride, power and determination to keep ourselves – and our country – moving up and out of the valley greed created.

And most importantly – from ensuring women are treated fairly at work, to expanding health care coverage for millions- we have been victorious whenever we worked together. We have proven the only thing we need to succeed is each other.

We stand together for a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. We march for jobs, justice, and education. We march for an economy that works for all. We stand toether for a nation in which each person who wants to work can find a job that pays enough to support a family.

We stand together to create a million new jobs right away, because the national values that got us out of the Great Depression will get us out of the Great Recession.

We stand together to build a world-class public education system, from pre-school to community college and beyond – because our nation must start unleashing the greatness of every child today.

We stand together to end racial profiling and re-segregation- from Arizona to Atlanta. We march to defend the Voting Rights Act and the 14th Amendment. We stand toether to advance human rights, civil rights, equal protection, and dignity for all.

We stand together to fix the broken immigration system – because no child should live in fear that her parents will be deported.

We stand together to ensure every worker has a voice at work. We march for green jobs and safe workplaces, so no worker will have to choose between her livelihood and her life.

We stand together for a clean environment, so no child is ever forced to decide between drinking the water or breathing the air and staying healthy.

We stand together to move our nation beyond this moment when a handful of Senators can block urgently needed progress – skewing our national budget towards tax cuts for the wealthy, unjustified military spending and prisons.

We stand together for peace abroad and job creation at home. We march for energy independence, public safety, and public transportation because the nation we want to build most is our own.

We stand together to demand full equality for all women in all communities, indulging an end to wage discrimination.

Partner Organizations:

This movement includes human and civil rights organizations, unions and trade associations, nonprofit organizations, youth and student groups, religious and other faith groups, educational, peace, environmental, and ethnic associations, and any other groups and individuals who are committed to pulling our country back together now.

These are some of the more than 300 organizations, representing tens of thousands of individuals who have endorsed the One Nation Working Together campaign.


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