It’s Now Been 2 Years Since Trump Organized the Insurrection at the Capitol – And He’s Still Walking Around Free

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Today is January 6, 2023, and it’s now been two years since Trump instigated and organized the insurrection at the Capitol and assault on our democracy. And he is still walking around free. Although hundreds of those he mobilized for the attack are not.

And as Kevin McCarthy knows, the insurrectionists in the House are still with us. America is still dealing with the insurrection on so many levels.

Yes, the House Panel that investigated January 6 did vote on Monday, Dec. 19, to send to Justice Department prosecutors a recommendation that the former president Trump be charged with four crimes:

  • inciting or assisting an insurrection,
  • obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress,
  • conspiracy to defraud the United States and
  • conspiracy to make a false statement.

This is the first time Congress has made such a referral for a former president. The committee released the first part of its final report. (The report is already in paperback  form from Amazon .)

And yes, according to the Justice Department, more than 950 defendants have been arrested for their alleged participation in the insurrection with more than 500 being found guilty.

Four people died in the attack, including the QANON rioter from the San Diego area (who lived in OB briefly) shot by a Capitol police officer as she tried to climb through a window in House inner offices, two members of the crowd who suffered heart attacks, and one who died of an overdose. The Department of Justice reports that 140 officers were injured that day and five officers died in the months after the riot – one of strokes and four by suicide.

And the DOJ criminal investigation has now entered a new phase with the special counsel Jack Smith adding two prosecutors who have specialized in public corruption cases, to an experienced team that will ultimately determine whether Trump or his allies should face prosecution. They join a team of more than 20 prosecutors from DOJ, as well as senior advisers brought into the department in recent months, who were already investigating Trump and his allies.  CNN

Just three days ago, the former chief of the Capitol Police, Steven A. Sund, released a new book that levels blistering criticism at federal intelligence officials who failed to raise alarms before the attack on the Capitol and a military bureaucracy that waited hours to respond once the siege was underway.

Sund wrote in his book, “Courage Under Fire,” that intelligence in the possession of the F.B.I., the Homeland Security Department and the Defense Department should have had those agencies “seeing red,” but they instead failed to warn the Capitol Police. And he was met with a series of delays as he pleaded with the military to deploy the National Guard to the Capitol.

Now, two years out, as citizens, we must remain vigilant and ensure Trump is indicted and jailed for his crimes.


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Frank Gormlie January 6, 2023 at 2:01 pm

This is a difficult memory for most Americans and it’s easy to simply avoid thinking about it. But — we cannot. It’s too much of our current national framework. Sure, it’s not about ADUs, bike lanes, pickelball or the houseless, but in a real sense, it’s much more important. It has to do directly with the state of our democracy and our future as a country. And we at the grassroots need to keep the pressure on our electeds.


Jan Michael Sauer January 8, 2023 at 1:40 pm

I agree 100%. You never forget about the issues that are the most important. Thank you for making the rest of us think about what we need to be thinking about. That’s the main reason that I love The OB RAG.


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