Election 2022 Omens: Sneaker Waves, Fat Cats and Gathering Clouds

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By Colleen O’Connor

Seriously. The recent strong marine system to our north brought heavy rain, wind and possible “sneaker waves” up to 19 feet in the San Francisco Bay area.  (As if they haven’t had enough drama).

As the National Weather Service warned, “Never turn your back to the ocean.”

Among other things, I might add. Also, be on the lookout for a very large, fat black cat that portends some kind of imminent disaster.

“For more than 150 years a demon cat — some say the size of an elephant — is said to appear near the grounds of the US Capitol before national emergencies, according to the White House Historical Association.”

Those legendary sightings occurred just before the Stock Market crash of 1929 and just prior to the assassination of JFK in 1963.  Alarmed, yet?

Then there is the Winston Churchill prescient warning about appeasement in his book, The Gathering Storm.

“Its central theme – the futility of appeasement and the need to stand up to dictators – is one that has been taken for granted as a self-evident truth in Western society, both during the period of the Cold War and subsequently.”

Until now.

How else can one explain the cowardice and chaos in our midst?  The cruelty. The extremism. The malice without restraint that is being visited upon the electorate in 2022.

The brutal attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband, Paul, should have brought wails of horror, shock, and a tidal wave of voter sentiment against such barbarism. Yet, no such tsunami has occurred (according to the pollsters).  In fact, the reverse.

Instead, it brought disgusting jokes from the far right; ludicrous conspiracy theories and a counter narrative that attracts what my father used to call, “weak minds,” plus celebrity wannabes’ publicity stunts and clickbait venom.

Thus, the dominant narrative about a “red wave” wipeout election. Democrats lose it all. Possible.

But, here is one oddity of note.  New stats suggest that “college educated, white suburban women” have deserted the Democrats (where previously Orange County GOP women helped give Pelosi the Speakership) and now moved into the GOP column.

Are these findings reliable or possible “junk polls” that skew their sample according to their paymaster?

Think about it.

The latest stats:

According to: Elect Project/early vote 2022: women are showing up “bigly.”  Here is the Nov. 2nd tally from states listed that do count gender:


Perhaps the Kansas vote was not an aberration.  Nor the recent gains for the Democratic Governor of Michigan.

You can “geek out” on these daily tallies and decide for yourself which way the wind blows.

True that these are votes already cast with millions more to come.  Also, true that women, historically considered the “Angels in the House” and the keepers of the country’s morals, might just be pulling off another “sneaker wave.”

And not just those college educated white suburban women, but all women regardless of color, class, geography, age and partisan preference.

The violence, the cauldron of hate, and the naked cruelty swirling the country, appalls the souls of most women.  I have to believe they won’t turn their backs on that vile ocean of appalling behavior, and will, in fact, quietly work to save our democracy.

Meanwhile, read the Gathering Storm, watch the clouds, and look out for the ominous black fat cat’s appearance at the Capitol.

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