Pickleball at Robb Field and Over $2 Million in Improvements at Dusty Rhodes on Agenda of Mission Bay Park Committee — Tues., Nov.1

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Pickleball at Robb Field and over $2 million dollars of improvements for Dusty Rhodes Park are on the agenda of the Mission Bay Park Committee, Tuesday night, November 1.

The Committee advises the Park and Recreation Board on the development, utilization, and policies regarding Mission Bay Park.

The Committee meets at 6 pm at the Santa Clara Recreation Center, 1008 Santa Clara Place in Mission Beach, San Diego, CA 92109.

The following is currently on the committee’s Action / Adoption Agenda:

The Pickleball Association of San Diego requests Mission Bay Park Committee support of the following conceptual plans:

A) Updating our former proposal to repurpose some tennis courts at Robb Field and/or
B) Construct new courts at a vacant location within Robb Field. Presented by Stefan Boyland

Immediately following the regular Committee meeting, at 6:30 pm the Mission Bay Park Improvement Fund Oversight Committee meets (same place, same station).

And on its agenda is the Allocation of Mission Bay Parks Improvement Funds to Various Projects, which include $2,215,000 worth of improvements to Dusty Rhodes. And those include a public restroom, improvements to the parking lot, and a playground:

  • Dusty Rhodes Comfort Station $444,000.00,
  • Dusty Rhodes Parking Lot $327,000.00,
  • Dusty Rhodes Playground, $1,444,000.00

The action item requests the oversight committee to approve $10,807,066.53 of Mission Bay Park Improvement Funds to the various projects, which include other than Dusty Rhodes the following:

  • Bahia Comfort Station and Parking $800,000.00,
  • DeAnza North Parking Lot Improvements $48,975.49,
  • DeAnza North East Parking Lot $121,956.25,
  • El Carmel Comfort Station $1,920,000.00,
  • Hospitality Point Comfort Station Improvements $860,000.00,
  • Hospitality Point Parking Lot Improvement $250,000.00,
  • Mission Bay Athletic Area Comfort Station $502,622.63,
  • Playa Pacifica Comfort Station $83,325.00,
  • Playa Pacifica Parking Lot $33,800.00,
  • Playa Pacifica Playground $30,000.00,
  • Sunset Point Comfort Station $1,608,000 and
  • Ventura Comfort Station $1,647,464.00



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laplayaheritage October 31, 2022 at 10:21 am

Thanks for the great info.


Item 201. SeaWorld Master Plan Update – Presenter: Jim Lake, Park President Request support/approval of SeaWorld’s Master Plan update

Looking at the City of San Diego ACFR or CAFR the “Mission Bay Park Rent and Concessions” Special Fee Restricted Fund is put into the City’s General Capital Outlay Budgeted. The City’s documents. only show Revenues for the “Mission Bay Park Rent and Concessions”, not Expenses or Fund Balances.

The City stated Mission Bay Park Revenue is down due to Seaworld’s declining revenue. Seaworld would probably make more money turning themselves into a Water Park and Pools.

FY-2021 Revenue = $21,783,000
FY-2020 Revenue = $25,868,000
FY-2019 Revenue = $31,439,000
FY-2018 Revenue = 32,574,000


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