Point Loma High School: Principal Kelly Lowry’s Vision and Changes to Athletic Areas

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Editordude: This is the third in a series about the “new” Point Loma High School by Ted Walker, originally posted on Peninsula News. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

By Ted Walker / Peninsula News by the Point Loma Association

Today we focus on changes to the athletics areas and hear Principal Kelly Lowry’s vision for the future.

It may be surprising to learn that PLHS has the smallest high school acreage footprint in the District. Diligent planning maximizes use of the space for both academics and athletics.

Due to space limitations, some sports are offsite. There’s no pool, so swim sports are off campus. PLHS also uses a softball field, baseball field, and tennis courts in the community.

The most visible recent campus changes are around the football field.

The surface is artificial grass, significantly reducing maintenance costs and water consumption. The current turf is an improvement over that installed in 2004/5.

By now, residents know about the addition of field lighting. Designers and installers are diligent about focusing light on the field.

They are constantly refining the new sound system during events.

Speaking of sound, the entire campus is connected to emergency speakers for use in the event of a security problem.

Until this year, PLHS was the only high school in the District without a dedicated “visitor” section.

Now, there are new visitor bleachers, ticket booth, restrooms and snack bar.

New practice fields serve multiple sports and activities.

There are also rooms where coaches can develop game plans and tutor students.

A newly planted grassy area invites students to socialize.

At the end of our tour with Principal Lowry, we discussed the recent changes and his vision for the school going forward.

Principal Kelly Lowry – Point Loma/OB Monthly photo

Lowry believes the most impactful improvements are: campus security; classroom design that incorporates the most modern technology; and the athletic facilities.

PLHS is a “closed” campus with only a single point of entry during the school day.

Exterior fencing optimizes security while maintaining aesthetics. Security cameras and state of the art classroom communications provide a tranquil environment.

When talking with Kelly Lowry, one instantly senses his deep passion and commitment to meeting the needs of students today and providing valuable skills and experience for the future.  His goal is to reach out to every student, whatever career path they choose. Those are not platitudes. The goals represent his true vision.

Another aspect of his vision is to make PLHS “the centerpiece of the community”. He has a high regard for traditions that make the school what it is today.

Principal Lowry wants to build on tradition by incorporating the needs of the Point Loma community.

There is dedicated space for use by the PLHS Alumni Association and collected memorabilia.

Rooms are also available for community group meetings.

We have seen the changes created by Phase 1 of the Site Redevelopment Plan, but what about the future?  Tentatively, in 2025, plans will begin for Phase 2, with an implementation target of 2027.

We thank Kelly Lowry for sharing his personal perspective in these articles for the Point Loma Association.

Ted Walker is a former Board Member and Director (Treasurer) for the Point Loma Association.

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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman May 26, 2022 at 4:35 pm

Inquiring minds wanna know: which has the smallest acreage — Pt. Loma High School or La Jolla High School? Someone should settle this question with attribution to a San Diego Unified School District Facilities honcho, not just unsubstantiated opinion from a Peninsula News scribe.


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