A Funny Thing Happened in Front of Point Loma High School

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The folks at the Point Loma Association online newsletter have done it again. In their witty and irrelevant  irreverent way, they found out about a funny thing that happened in front of Point Loma High School last week. (If you’d like to get Peninsula News, click here)

Here’s their report:

As you cruise by on Chatsworth, we hope you notice the young Torrey Pine trees in front of the school. It will take many years for them to mature and replace those chain-sawed in June, 2019, when construction began on the new additions. So it’s good the trees arrived early in the landscaping process.

About that process.

Now that the orange safety net fence has disappeared, the brilliantly colorful plantings really pop!

All photos from Peninsula News.

No doubt these seedlings are water-wise and low maintenance. In time they might even draw looky-loos like the Carlsbad Flower Fields. Students could sell tickets for the Point Loma Flag Fields. FUND RAISER!

Enough joshing. We’ve been curious. Why the flags? And why have they been waving for so many months?

We knew exactly who to ask. Schmidt Design Group created the new PLHS landscaping, and PLA Board member JT Barr is (one of the people) in charge of the Schmidt Group.

JT was so happy our questions were not about the Village Lights.

Here’s the scoop.

“The flags identify the various shrubs and groundcovers that will be installed.  Each color corresponds to a different species to be planted.  Like we are seeing with construction materials, plants in large quantities are in short supply at nurseries throughout the region. Currently completing the planting for the front of the school is slated for late May or early June.”We wondered if they would have a Retire the Colors Party then.

That was Tuesday. By dawn’s early light yesterday, the colors had been retired, and as far as we could tell there was no party.

There was a guy capturing all the flags and dumping them in a trash can.

When asked how they would know what to plant where, the man did not really answer. A new mystery?

Nope. JT explained it this way.

“The flags were removed at the request of the Construction Manager since the plants are on back order and will not be ready until early June.”

But… we really liked the colored flags swaying with the breeze. Sigh.

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Gary Huber April 19, 2022 at 12:13 pm

Maybe they figured that cannabis would be better for fundraisers.


Judy Swink April 24, 2022 at 4:40 pm

And here I thought someone was finally mentioning the dead skunk in the middle of the road (at Zola) that I photographed last year. Smack dab in the middle of Chatsworth.


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