Persistent Shooting Questions

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Thanks to cartoonist Wolverton and Randy Cate.

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sealintheselkirks May 29, 2022 at 4:13 am

So does this pretty much sum it up? A cut from ‘roaming charges’ Friday…

+ So this is how it went down. The shooter entered a classroom and locked the door . The police on scene left him in there. When Border Patrol showed up they couldn’t break down the door. After 40-60 minutes they finally got a member of the school staff to unlock it with a key. Imagine how they would have plunged into action, if someone had been reported smoking pot in the bathroom

+ $7.4 billion: amount of military equipment transferred to police in the US since 1990.

+ Far from being defunded, the Uvalde Police Department consumes 40% of the town’s budget.

+ The main function of a militarized police is the US is to crackdown on protests against police abuses, either killing innocent people or standing by as innocent people are killed.

+ The shit that public school teachers have had to endure for the past 20 years–even from Obama and his gang of “reformers”–is appalling & then to have them put their bodies in front of their young students, as cops in body armor with automatic weapons cowered outside for an hour.

+ It only took the Minneapolis Police Department 13 seconds to break down the door to the apartment where Amir Locke was sleeping and shoot him while he was laying on the sofa…

+ Michael Parenti: “You see there are people who believe the function of the police is to fight crime, and that’s not true, the function of the police is social control and protection of property.”

Below these cuts was the story of Ms. Gomez, a parent and farm supervisor who was frantic about her two kids in the school. She was handcuffed for “intervening in an active investigation.” She talked one of the local cops into releasing her, walked away, jumped the school fence, went into the school and grabbed her two kids and sprinted out the door with them.

I’m really surprised she wasn’t tackled and arrested again…

FACT: The US cop budget are higher than most countries military budgets including Russia’s… Think about that for a minute!



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