Local TV Station Talks to Pilots Who Claim Point Loma Palm Trees Are No Danger to Aviation Safety

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in Ocean Beach

Local television station KUSI has interviewed at least two local pilots, both of whom say the historic palm trees in Point Loma are no danger to aviation safety.

(KUSI does have extreme right-wing views but its local reporter, Dan Plante, who lives in OB, has provided stellar reports on OB and Point Loma issues, like the palms.)

The station interviewed attorney and pilot, Michael Curran, who said that there is no danger to aviation safety resulting from the 100-year-old palm trees.

They also spoke to former Naval Aviator, Brian ‘Sunshine’ Sinclair’, who agreed with Curran. KUSI reported that Sinclair also stated that the FAA gave the City of San Diego several other options they could have used but decided to go with cutting down the five trees instead.

Apparently, San Diego “officialdom” has not recognized the issue of the palm trees as a genuine and worthy concern. Mayor Gloria has refused to speak with KUSI about the issue, the station commented. Jen Campbell, the councilperson for the area, continues to be MIA. To date, the San Diego Union-Tribune has refused to utter one word about the palms. The “new” County Supervisor for Point Loma / OB has not publicly looked into the matter, despite aspects of the issues that pertain to the county. No words from any State or Federal local representative either, though it involves our international airport.

So, it takes red flags being waved by the OB Rag and the few TV stations that cover local issues to bring the issue to the fore. And it takes law suits by residents to try to get the city — and the courts — to pay attention. Attorney Marc Applebaum still represents Point Loma residents who are attempting to prevent the city from removing any more palms. KUSI reports:

Marc Applebaum, believes the FAA had nothing to do with the removal of the iconic palm trees. Applebaum specifically called out Mayor Todd Gloria, City Attorney Mara Elliott and Forester Brian Wagner for being responsible for the controversial decision.

Michael Curran, the pilot-attorney, gave KUSI his “executive summary” of what has happened around the issue:

Curran’s Executive Summary

1. San Diego officials claim FAA demanded they remove trees; FAA denies and has only done a preliminary study;
2. Trees are not listed on any FAA chart, map, NOTAM as an obstruction that risks flight safety;
3. If FAA felt there was an immediate risk to flight safety FAA could issue Temporary flight restrictions “TFR” in the area, or take emergency action;
4. The glideslope and localizer airport radios project duplicative modulated signals that go around building and trees, they are not affected by these trees;
5. The modulated, strong ILS radio signals are unaffected by palm trees, particularly palm trees located well below the glideslope transmitting and well south of the localizer transmitting radio target areas.
6. The trees are located approx.. ½ south of runway extended center line, aircraft would not be in this are unless way of course;
7. Top of the trees is several hundred feet below where aircraft would be either on takeoff RWY 27 or landing RWY 09;
8. It is unknown why CITY SD wants to remove trees, but they are not a risk to flight safety

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Frank Gormlie May 5, 2022 at 10:00 am

Off-topic but here’s a good example of KUSI’s extreme right-wing views:

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