The Mean Green Angels – the Heart and Soul of Point Loma

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in Ocean Beach

Clearing up Jacaranda trees on Rosecrans across street from Pharmacy. Heather Wiggins, Karen Davis (kneeling) and Maureen Summers. All photos by Colleen O’Connor

By Colleen O’Connor

These people in green vests are not part of a UFO landing party, or death-defying landscapers.

You see them every week; along the OB freeway entrances to interstate 8 or avoiding cars racing over the bridge to access Sea World Drive; outside the Point Loma Post office; or dodging  monster tankers on Rosecrans Street.

All the while, beautifying the neighborhood.  You think those fabulous Jacaranda trees, now in full bloom, grow by themselves?

The Mean Green Angels of the Point Loma Association keep them flourishing.

Jaami Waali, SDSU Art Degree, commissioned by PL Associates to paint murals on utility boxes.

As their website explains their more than a dozen work projects:

“The Mean Green Team plants, fertilizes, irrigates, prunes, weeds and collects debris and trash. Some even sharpen and fix tools and repair irrigation systems. We proudly maintain these landscaped sites to beautify our neighborhood.”

Disciplined, talented, and committed, these volunteers are what make a neighborhood proud and great.  And everyone is invited to share their time, energy, and talents to help keep the Peninsula beautiful.

After their weekly Friday clean-ups, these angels rest, with an after-work coffee chat at some of the best local coffee spots.

Next time you see the Mean Green Team sweeping, pruning, or watering, honk your horn, wave a “hello” or just bark out a “Thank You.”

Clearing out weeds in front of PL restaurant.

These angels preserve the  ‘hood’ as our little bit of heaven.




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Sadie July 5, 2021 at 10:26 am

Thank you Colleen for reminding us how valuable these volunteers are to everyone in our community. It’s amazing the difference they make. Point Lona would not look as great as it does without them. THANK YOU NEAN GREEN TEAM!


Lorraine Silva July 5, 2021 at 11:07 am

A very positive endeavor . I’ll bet they will also discourage graffiti. Lorraine Silva


unwashedWalmartThonG July 6, 2021 at 1:07 am

Those vests are yellow or Shirley Temple is an alien.

Have you seen her dance with Bo Jangles? That girl’s an alien.


Frank Gormlie July 6, 2021 at 8:35 am

Hello Colleen:

On behalf of all our PLA Mean Green volunteers, I wanted to THANK YOU for the great article/photos you provided for the OB Rag on our team of PL Village volunteers. An occasional pat on the back is all we need to keep us excited about doing our Friday work……….LOL.
As you may know already, we work every Friday in a different public space on the Peninsula (we have 18 different sites), and sometimes the work is not so pleasant, so wonderful surprises like these are ‘just the ticket’ to keep us going.

Thank you again for the kudos.
Warm regards,
Cecilia Carrick
Mean Green leader


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