SDG&E Is Providing Less Renewable Energy than Advertised

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By MacKenzie Elmer / Voice of San Diego / May 3, 2021

Like a Nutrition Facts label listing the ingredients for the kind of energy powering your home, SDG&E’s latest Power Content Label shows the utility is providing less renewable energy than previously thought — and advertised by the utility.

That means SDG&E has a longer road ahead in reaching goals recently announced to drastically lower planet-warming gases the company’s products emit into the atmosphere.

The global economy has about a decade to drastically cut its use of fossil fuels (which create planet-warming gases) before there’s grave and irreversible damage to the comfortable climate we know today, according to the United Nations. As President Joe Biden makes broad stroke promises to do just that, private companies like SDG&E are now following suit and making commitments to reduce their emissions as well.

But in order to hold companies accountable for those promises, the public needs to know how much companies are polluting today.

SDG&E’s website said it provides “among the highest” amount of renewables in California and America. As of Wednesday morning, the company said on its website that 45 percent of the energy it provides is renewable.

Not so, according to the California Energy Commission, which sets the rules for utilities in reporting these kinds of numbers. The Energy Commission changed those rules in 2019 to clarify how renewable was the energy utilities deliver to California customers.

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