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The Ocean Beach Green Center will be celebrating our 32nd Anniversary on Earth Day April 22nd.  We can’t have our usual celebration this year but we will be open from 12:30 to 6:30 with Covid-19 protocols if you want to drop by and say hi!  We will have a donation jar available if you are so inclined to make a small donation.  Do not feel obligated as we know a lot of people are having a hard time.  Your presence is our present.  Happy Earth Day

A lot is happening this month.  Because it is Earth Day Month environmental events dominate the calendar.  Peace and Social Justice highlighted events are listed but check out our list of all P & SJ groups for more of their events. Go to http://www.oceanbeachgreencenter.org/get-involved.html for their links

April Events From the Ocean Beach Green Center

All events are online and free unless stated otherwise.

Every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Climate Mobilization Coalition Zoom Meeting. April 3rd, 10th, 17th and  24th. Keep up-to-date on climate issues and Climate Action events. To register email Jon Findley at  jon@climatemobsd.org.  More info:   https://www.facebook.com/SDClimateMobilization/

Month of April Fridays 3 pm Humane at Home Facebook Live Series Event by the San Diego Humane Society -We’re springing into April with tons of Humane at Home fun and an extra episode! Join us in celebrating Earth Day all month long, starting this Friday with tips on how to be a friend to our local wildlife.   More info:  https://www.facebook.com/SanDiegoHumaneSociety/photos/a.406731476740/10157442614921741/

Month of April Border BioBlitz 2021 Event by San Diego Natural History Museum – The 2021 Border BioBlitz is a community science effort to record as many species as possible along the U.S.-Mexico border. To join the discovery, all you need is a smartphone with the iNaturalist app (free for Android and iOS) and to join our iNaturalist project. We are facilitating the event so that you can go out and explore in your own safe, small groups.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1217776355344324

Clean Earth 4 Kids has many panel discussions and excellent resources for the month of April – More info:  https://cleanearth4kids.org/?fbclid=IwAR3At6YNvWihGVLd9Hp63jfInn3xhLBeVNcDpXHYNrW1Mdb_zZHT-s4iUsY

April 1st. Thursday 8:30 am – 11 am  Plant Based Climate Summit recommended by Plant San Diego
Evidence shows that shifting away from animal agriculture and promoting a plant-based diet can help fight the global climate crisis and promote good health!. Program host Neal Barnard, MD, will introduce the impact of animal agriculture on human health and the environment, while special guest speakers will address the effects of diet on greenhouse gas emissions, water and air pollution, land use, infectious diseases, and more, while providing practical tips and resources that will help you get started on a planet-friendly diet!  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/PlantDiego/?ref=page_internal

April 2nd Friday 7 pm – 8 pm Sierra Club Sierra Talks – Black bears: The human-animal link The presentation will include the plight of wild born black bears, the human-animal link, and how government agencies and sanctuaries work hand in hand to save habituated black bears from a grim fate. From this discussion, you as citizens of nature will learn how you can help ensure wild black bears remain where they belong – in the wild.  The presenter, Bobbi Brink is Founder and Director of Lions, TIgers & Bears, a non-profit big cat, bear, and exotic animal sanctuary in Alpine. Bobbi is a leading expert on Ursus americanus aka the black bear. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/sierraclubsd/?ref=page_internal

April 3rd Saturday 11 am – 1 pm Natives Walk Event by Good Neighbor Gardens
Come visit one of our Gracious Neighbor’s properties and take a walk through the native garden  Learn about the many benefits of these native plants and enjoy some delicious culinary treats from the garden. This is the 1st community Get Down of a 3 part series so you will want to make sure to RSVP for each date. Space is limited so RSVP now to reserve your spot. $10 donation recommended. Location will be disclosed to those who RSVP online. More info:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/natives-walk-tickets-148066118747

April 3rd Saturday 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Build Back Fossil Free Virtual Rally Event by SanDiego350 Rally with us during a national week of action calling on President Biden to use his executive powers in his first 100 days to stop the Line 3 and Dakota Access Pipelines and “Build Back Fossil Free”. We’ll connect these national campaigns with our local and state efforts to end fossil fuel extraction, with inspiring speakers, videos that tell the story of our fight, actions we all can take, and ways to get involved – including:  CA bill to phase out dangerous oil drilling and create safety buffers around oil wells, Youth v. Oil campaign to call on Governor Newsom to phase out oil extraction in CA, and Campaign to expose Sempra/SDG&E’s opposition to a just transition to renewable energy.  More info:

Build Back Fossil Free Virtual Rally

April 3rd Saturday 2:30 pm – 5 pm Youth Climate Action Summit 2021 Event by SD350 SanDiego350’s Youth4Climate Program  is hosting a national climate action summit for high school and college students. At this online/virtual summit, you will gain the tools you need to thrive as a climate leader and advocate in your school and community while also bonding, sharing and networking with other teen leaders!  More info:  https://sandiego350.org/events/

April 4th Sunday 11 am – 12:45 pm  Protest Sea World Easter Sunday Holiday protest! Event by Ellen Ericksen  C-19 compliant protest. Please leave your companion animals home. More info:   https://www.facebook.com/events/735256767162372/

April 5th  Monday 7:30 pm -8:30 pm Empower Hour Hosted by Sunrise Movement San Diego Every week we come together to take political climate action: Calling/emailing elected officials, leaving public comments, and making our demands heard. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/SunriseMovementSanDiego

April 6th  8 am – April 8th 5pm 2021 Southwest Adaptation Forum Event by Climate Science Alliance and Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center The 2021 Southwest Adaptation Forum will virtually convene leaders, practitioners, and researchers from across the Southwest to explore efforts that are advancing climate change adaptation, and includes hands-on activities, networking, and professional training.  More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1778735302288735

April 6th Tuesday 5:30 pm – 7 pm Redefining Public Safety Panel #2: Invest in Communities Event by  Community Budget Alliance CBA is a coalition of local organizations and community members who believe the City budget should be a people’s budget. Panelists will discuss how investing in communities and community care is what makes us safe. Last of the series to break down the budget process, provide political education and learn more about the People’s Budget demands. More info: https://cpisandiego.org/cba/online-learning-events/?fbclid=IwAR2jYF4QN-iFAzyX_CKPo55ki29XmQWLk6nTu0-8ei2i2Li26WvDUVjaWBk

April 6th Tuesday 6 pm – 7 pm  Construct Your Own Traditional Compost Bin – County of San Diego  Event by Solana Center Are you filled with DIY spirit and ready to start composting at home? If so, join us for this virtual workshop to learn how to construct your own backyard compost bin, perfect for simple maintenance and composting success! This is Part 1 of our 4-part Traditional Composting Series.  More info:  https://www.solanacenter.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=1588

April 7th  Wednesday 11 am – 1:30 pm San Diego County Pest Update  Event by The San Diego Regional Urban Forest Council Join SDRUFC as we discuss recent and recurring pest invasions with two leading pest experts! Registration required.  More info:  https://sdrufc.com/2021/02/26/april-7th-meeting-san-diego-county-pest-update/

April 7th Wednesday 6:30 pm Congressman Mike Levin Event by San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action Congressman Levin has been an outspoken champion of the Green New Deal, protection of public lands, and ending public subsidy of fossil fuel companies. He has also led efforts to address some of our region’s most pressing coastal issues, including the safe storage, monitoring, and removal of spent fuel at San Onofre, environmentally sustainable solutions to the critical Del Mar Bluffs situation, and federal funding of the LOSSAN Corridor improvements. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/126054019480073/

April 8th Thursday 5 pm  City Budget Crash Course  Event recommended by NAACP San Diego Come learn about: components of the City’s budget and how the process works, roles of the Mayor and City Council, what capital improvement projects are and the basic elements of the City’s capital budget, and major challenges facing the City. Finally, we will cover how residents can get involved. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/NAACPSanDiego/photos/a.1627618594146112/2876992239208735/

April 8th Thursday 5:30 pm  Building Electrification: What Is It and Why Do We Need IT? Event by the North County Climate Change Alliance A panel will introduce us to the concept of Building Electrification (BE), and the strategies needed to remove natural gas (NG) from the buildings we live and work in.  They will also discuss why BE is needed to mitigate the climate crisis, and the effects that burning NG in buildings has on our health and the health of our families. In addition, they will lay out what is required to ensure that this necessary conversion from burning fossil fuels in our buildings to using all electric energy, is a just and equitable transition for everyone.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/362239008220111

April 8th Thursday 7 pm – 8 pm Green Issue Discussion:  Ecosocialism – What it is and why it matters. Event by The Green Party San Diego
As the Second Ecosocialist Manifesto states: “Humanity today faces a stark choice: ecosocialism or barbarism. To the barbarities of the last century – 100 years of war, brutal imperialist plunder and genocide – capitalism has added new horrors. Now it is entirely possible that the air we breathe and the water we drink will be permanently poisoned and that global warming will make much of the world uninhabitable. To receive a link to the meeting, please email us at info@sdgreenparty.org. Please join us with your questions and comments (or feel free to just listen). More info:  http://www.sdgreenparty.org/home/green-issues-discussion-group

April 9th Friday – April 15th  Thursday Ecovillage Summit recommended by Local Earth  The Summit hosted by Global Ecovillage Network will showcase how ecovillages contribute to the mitigation of climate crisis and function as resilient communities of practice bringing concrete solutions and actions for earth restoration, economic revival, social regeneration and cultural celebration.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/LocalEarth/?ref=page_internal and  https://summit2021.ecovillage.org/

April 10th Saturday 10 am – 11 am Conscious Closets Webinar Event by I Love A Clean San Diego and City of San Diego  Did you know the average American throws away 82 pounds of textile waste every year? Join this webinar to learn  all about creating an environmentally conscious closet! Learn about textile recycling and how to mindfully clean out your closet. We’ll share tips on thrift shopping successfully, repairing clothing items, and creating a low waste laundry routine.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/517706839196592

April 11th Sunday 2 pm – 4 pm Lemon Grove BLM Caravan Event by Caravan for Justice – 5997 College Grove Dr, San Diego 92115, Meet at Chollas Lake Gloria Mesa Parking Lot and Playground 5997 College Grove Dr, San Diego, CA 92115 We will decorate cars and get set up until 3:00 (SHARP), at which time we will caravan to show our support for #BlackLivesMatter and #StandForAsians! Please use your hazard lights and fill up your gas tank. Honk your horn and make some noise! More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/277946107066945/

April 12th Monday  – April 16th Friday  Sustainable Building Week Hosted by  San Diego Green Building Council  Inspiration/Education/Action this event-filled week creates a valuable cross-section between San Diego’s top sustainability and design organizations.  Topics including:  Building Decarbonization, Climate Policy in San Diego, Potable Water Reuse, Access to Green Space & Parks, Veterans Workforce Development  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/SBWSanDiego/    https://www.sustainablebuildingweeksd.com/events_21?fbclid=IwAR1V8xLbPgFmGaFTxY2IRBdH-vQ_OX27RiwFV6UXrPRaxvYF7nBjTkgAugk

April 12th  Monday 6 pm Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Fire, Extreme Rainfall and Debris flows: Cascading Disasters in a Changing Climate  Event by Birch Aquarium at Scripps Find out how Scripps researches are tackling tough questions about the impacts of climate change in our own backyard, and how this research is helping inform adaptation and mitigation strategies.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/3667691899990798

April 14th Wednesday  12 pm Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Justice and a Just Transition Event by Green New Deal at UCSD The Global Indigenous Peoples Group, Institute of Arts and Humanities, and the Green New Deal at UCSD present: Angela Mooney D’Arcy “Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Justice and a Just Transition” Please join us to learn about Angela’s work to protect environmentally and culturally significant places, practices, and ideologies and create paradigm shifts that support environmentally and socially just systems that assure the continuation of Indigenous cultures for all time.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/UCSDgreennewdeal/

April 14th Wednesday  5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Immigration Updates: What you need to know! Event by Alliance San Diego Human Rights Counsel Michelle Celleri will be sharing up-to-minute immigration changes affecting immigrant communities & resources available. We will discuss the changes in the immigration landscape over the course of this past month and provide resources currently available to immigrants. For additional information on changes since the Biden administration please visit our past webinars.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/AllianceSD/photos/a.254632184607522/5264119303658760/

Also check out these other groups working on this issue:

  • Border Angels  https://www.borderangels.org/
  • Rapid Response Network https://www.facebook.com/RRNSanDiego/
  • Jewish Family Services March 3rd event: https://www.jfssd.org/community-conversations/rebuilding-our-immigration-system/

April 14th Wednesday 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Speaker Series: A Bird in Hand:   What Can We Learn from Monitoring Breeding Birds on the Tijuana River? Event by Tijuana Estuary (Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve) and San Diego National Wildlife Refuges There are many factors limiting local bird populations including habitat loss, fire, pests, and changing weather patterns. Guest Speaker: Shannon Mendia, Ecologist from the United State Geological Survey (USGS) More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1135491650224657

April 15th Thursday 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm The Future of Solar Energy in California: Net Metering, Social Equity, and Electrification Event by SD350 This timely webinar will focus on the future of solar energy in California and the challenges we face as we transition to 100% clean energy. The investor-owned utilities (IOUs) have proposed altering the net metering program which essentially pays solar customers who feed surplus energy back to the grid. If the IOUs gain approval from the PUC for their proposed changes which virtually eliminates net metering, it will drastically lengthen the payback period for rooftop solar. Social equity is another policy issue that will be discussed. How do we ensure that low-income households and communities of concern can reap the benefits of renewable energy?  More info:  https://sandiego350.org/events/

April 17th Saturday 9 am  Progressive Labor Summit 2021 Event by Progressive Labor Alliance The Progressive Labor Summit is a one-day event, bringing together members of the San Diego Labor community with left-of-center activists and leaders to build stronger understanding, knowledge, skills, and partnerships in tackling the broader social challenges we are facing today. $20 – $45  Scholarships available – More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/452262152820507

April 20th Tuesday 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm  Addressing Homelessness through Policy Advocacy Event is part of the USD Just Read! program. There are many ways to get involved with addressing homelessness – volunteering for local organizations, creating programs to serve those experiencing homelessness, etc. Did you know that behind each effort to address homelessness is a policy that helps make these efforts possible? How can you become involved in policy advocacy work to advance solutions to society’s most urgent challenges? Join USD’s Center for Public Interest Law to learn the often unseen work of policy advocacy that organizations and professionals rely on to address homelessness issues in California. More info:

April 22nd 12 pm 6th Annual Green Talks Event by Inter-Sustainability Council at UCSD This event aims to engage and promote the UC San Diego student body and the community about sustainability and the importance of being environmentally conscious through one’s actions.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2831914380398875

April 22nd  Thursday  6:30 pm – 8:00 pm 2021 Women PeaceMakers Event hosted by Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies  Come learn from  this year’s four extraordinary women leaders about the powerful role women play in negotiating peace.  The WPMs are focused on a critical topic: how international peacebuilding organizations can better partner with local women peacebuilders to address the closing spaces and increased insecurity women are currently facing when working to end cycles of violence.  More info:  https://www.sandiego.edu/events/peace/detail.php?_focus=79650

April 24th Saturday 9 am  19th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup Event by I Love A Clean San Diego
Register on April 1 to join I Love A Clean San Diego and be a part of one of the largest single-day environmental action events in San Diego County by removing polluting litter and debris from your community. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/485907292781933

April 25th Sunday 3 pm  Big Tent Climate Talks Event by Citizens Climate Lobby – At CCL, we know solving climate change requires a variety of policies and perspectives. That’s why we do this work under a big tent that includes folks from the right, the left, and every spot in between.. Join us in a monthly conversation that spotlights leaders in the climate community outside of CCL doing important work in building coalitions around effective climate solutions. More info: https://citizensclimate.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OKpOm8pNTw2misB6RPI3uQ

April 28th Wednesday 12 pm – 1 pm Affordable and Net Positive Housing via 3 D printing  Event by San Diego Green Building Council This session will discuss the convergence of 3D printing with earthen construction for affordable and Net Positive housing. You will learn how commercially-ready technologies for creating building envelopes can be applied to support both housing affordability, as well as improving ecological footprints and handprints (positive impact). More info:  https://www.sd-gbc.org/lunch_learn_4_28_21

April  30th Friday 12 pm  – MAY 3rd Monday  11:59 am  City Nature Challenge 2021 Event by San Diego Natural History Museum From April 30 – May 3, take photos of nearby nature, both inside and outside your doors. Upload those photos to iNaturalist.org or use your smartphone and the iNaturalist app. No need to know what species you’re photographing, the iNaturalist community will identify them for you–that’s part of the fun. With our changing climate, it is more important than ever to band together and document wildlife. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/746709969381622

Now on Netflix SEASPIRACY documentary recommended by Sea Shepherd San Diego  With ocean ecosystems on the verge of collapse, and the human implications that follow, we must ask ourselves what kind of world we wish to live in. It is time to unite and take action on one of the most urgent and neglected conservation and social justice issues of our time. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/SeaShepherdSanDiego/?ref=page_internal

For Black Lives Matter and other communities of concern connections check out our list of social justice groups. Also many environmental groups are now embracing communities of concern, especially Climate groups that work on climate justice.  Go to “get involved page” for their links http://www.oceanbeachgreencenter.org/get-involved.html

An excellent source for events and credible information from local and national sources is  Peace San Diego  at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeaceSanDiego

New events are always happening….please check http://www.oceanbeachgreencenter.org/events-calendar.html  for updates to the event list

Also visit our “get involved” tab http://www.oceanbeachgreencenter.org/get-involved.html for various group’s websites. Check their events page for their habitat restoration work parties, beach clean-ups, committee meetings, workshops, field trips etc.

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