Open Letter to President Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain

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By Colleen O’Connor

An American dies from COVID-19 every 33 seconds.

Repeat. Every 33 seconds an American dies from the COVID-19 virus.

With that in mind, I write this blunt message to you as President Biden’s Chief of Staff-to-be.

There is no time for festivities.  No time for press conferences.  No time for photographs. Repetitious speeches or platitudes.

This is war; albeit against an invisible enemy.  As Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher wrote: “Every battle is won or lost before it is even fought.”  Plan, prepare, execute.

And most importantly, “Quickness is the essence of war.”

In order of priorities:

  1. Instantly, after Biden is sworn in, whisk him to an inside doorway with a desk and pen to sign the Defense Production Act.  Paperwork prepared in advance.  Sign, seal, deliver.

This authorizes the President to direct various industries to produce critical equipment needed for all national security emergencies, including to fight the coronavirus pandemic and overcome shortages of ventilators; vaccines; medical equipment; field hospitals; morgues, etc.

Friday’s news that no vaccines were withheld; meaning there are no more, makes the Defense Production Act even more imperative.

FDR did something as impressive during World War II; offering “cost-plus accounting” contacts for firms willing to stop making cars and start making tanks (among other war materials).  Thus, the speed was forthcoming, as the profits were guaranteed, no matter the expense.

2. Immediately deliver a truckload of Executive Orders for Biden to sign and overturn the most egregious Trump Orders.  Paperwork prepared far in advance.

3. Hire as many experienced staffers/candidates for “Acting” Cabinet positions as needed; then sign that paperwork (again, completed in advance).  These individuals can be placeholders until the Senate finds time for confirmation.  The country cannot wait.  Covid-19 isn’t.

4. Let Speaker Pelosi lead on the Impeachment/Trial and the disposition of Trump and his insurrectionists.  Her staff can work with Majority Leader, Schumer, the Attorney General (Acting or confirmed) and Senator McConnell.

With the two new Democratic Senators from Georgia and a new Vice President, (sworn in the same day as your boss) the odds are better for a swift trial.

As the House has said, “We’ve got this.”

5. Advance Biden’s COVID-19 response and $1.9 trillion stimulus package on Pelosi’s mark.  Forget the “kumbaya” pronouncements of waiting for “everyone to come together.”  It isn’t going to happen.  Remember:  Every 33 seconds another American dies from the virus.

6. Your primary strategy worked well.  Now, duplicate it.  Send out your best speakers to explain (transparently) the status of the “100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days” promise to all audiences involved.  Candor matters.

7. Keep your head down and do your job.  Competence is priceless.

8. If all this is accomplished on inauguration day, you will have won the 2024 election without even a fight.

Or as Sun Tzu counseled: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Plan.  Prepare.  Execute.  Quickly.  Every 33 seconds matters.


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