San Diego FedEx Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing in LA After Loud Thuds Heard Over Point Loma

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in Ocean Beach

From Point Loma Association Newsletter

“I thought someone was pounding on my door but my dog didn’t freak out and bark, scary!”

“Scared me to death, thought someone was pounding on my door, dog went crazy barking, then my neighbor called to ask if I heard it!”

“Sounded like someone was banging on our door or wall…freaked me out!”

“Yes, I heard that too…unlike anything I’ve heard before. So strange that I went to the windows to look, but saw nothing.”

“It was so distinct and loud, I was certain it was our house or a neighbor’s house. So amazing that such a large area all heard the same intensity.”

Did you hear it? Many of us were certain the five or six loud thuds were aimed at our abode! What force could be powerful enough to deliver such frightening blows to the whole neighborhood?

Would you believe, FedEx? Not intentionally. But, yes, they caused the consternation.

As scary as it was on NextDoor at that moment, onboard for the FedEx crew above us, it was probably far more startling. For them it really was up close and personal.

Just after takeoff, something unexpected caused flashes and booms (pounding) from the jet’s engines. About twenty minutes later, the scheduled flight to Oakland was cut short.


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