Michael Zucchet: ‘Troubled Ash Street Building Is the Taj Mahal of City-Owned Buildings’

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Editordude: Michael Zucchet – a resident of Point Loma – who used to represent Ocean Beach and most of Point Loma in District 2 on the San Diego City Council, and who now is the general manager of the San Diego Municipal Employees Association, has stepped into the debate about the troubled City-owned building at 101 Ash Street, and has made a startling claim. He says compared to the work offices and buildings his union members work in, 101 Ash Street is the “Taj Mahal” of  the city’s buildings. Here is his Op-Ed piece from today’s U-T. 

By Michael Zucchet / San Diego Union-Tribune / Aug. 17, 2020

These days the most famous address of a city building is 101 Ash Street. Based on all the publicity, you might think it is the crummiest building the city owns or leases — riddled with asbestos and saddled with plumbing, electrical and air systems that are past their useful life. In fact, 101 Ash is the nicest, most modern, functional office space the city controls.

That’s right. Warts and all, 101 Ash is the Taj Mahal compared with the current work environs of city workers. Most of the city’s 10,000 employees currently inhabit the oldest, sickest and least public-friendly buildings anywhere.

Employees are either in the worst office buildings Downtown or are spread out across San Diego in trailers, random leased space and other “temporary” offices that have been their work home for years. “Past its useful life” is the absolute kindest thing you could say about most of the city’s office buildings, not to mention its libraries, recreation centers, fire stations and the rest.

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