What Was Going On in OB Exactly 10 Years Ago – July 30, 2010

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sunset at pier jg july 2010

EditorDude: What was going on in OB ten years ago? Here’s one of our first news columns on the OB Rag from July 30, 2010 and it gives us a glimpse into the village’s happenings a decade ago. From everything – Jim Grant’s stunning sunset photos to the OB Library getting a new rug, to the highly-anticipated airing of the new TV series filmed in OB, “Terriers” – to recollections of Dusty Rhodes and Bob Kenny, two men whom parks in OB were named after.

OB Library Gets a New Rug

It was announced at this weeks OB Town Council meeting that the Ocean Beach branch of the library will be getting a new rug. $4,000 from infrastructure funds is being made available for a recarpeting of one of the centers of the community. Plus, the City needs to repair the roof first. First the roof, then the new carpet. Some of us learned that the hard way.

Sunset over the OB Pier – July 14, 2010. Photo by Jim Grant. (Don’t forget to click on the photo to get a slightly larger image.)

“Terriers” airs on September 8th

Tentatively, “Terriers” the comedy private eye TV series filmed this year in OB is set to hit the air waves Wednesday, September 8, at 10pm on FX (according to the OBMA website.) Have you seen this on SignOnSanDiego?

World War Two Weather ?

I read somewhere just recently that there hasn’t been a July this cool at the beach (or elsewhere in SD) since World War Two – since the time of FDR! My mother, Dorothea Webber Gormlie, lived here during the War and remembered one year it was so wet, that the ocean nearly came up to the intersection of West Point Loma and Nimitiz! Can anyone else corroborate that?

3 Out of 4 Readers Against Publicly Funded Downtown Football Stadium

Our most recent poll, which ran from July 22 to midday July 30th, shows that nearly three out of four of our readers are against a publicly funded downtown football stadium for the Chargers. There was a total of 145 respondents, with 22% (32 votes) for such a stadium, and 72% (105 votes) against, with 6% undecided.

Police Praise OB Heathens

Community Relations Officer David Surwilo had nothing but praise for the recent party and parade of the Heathens. He especially singled out one of the main organizers of the annual cultural event, Randy, for going the extra mile in trying to obtain permits and in working out compromises with the police. Officer Surwilo was speaking at a recent Town Council meeting when he added his positive comments in response to a question from the audience about a larger than usual bonfire at the beach, Saturday July 24th.

“It was a good compromise; it was peaceful, a great time, and an example of good relations between police and a community,” Surwilo summarized.

Woman Jogger Hassled Along Sunset Cliffs

There was a weird incident, Monday July 26th, when a woman jogging along Sunset Cliffs had her shorts pulled down by a man. He was a white male with brown hair and took off as soon as the woman yelled at him. There was NO attempt by him to throw her to the ground and no attempt to grab any parts of her body. Police believe it was an isolated case, but are looking for the vehicle he jumped into before taking off. It is a silver Tacoma Toyoto truck with local plates.

Ground-breaking on New OB Entryway in October

Finally, there will be a ground-breaking of the much-awaited OB Entryway Project this October. $241,000 has been allocated to the project in Prop 40 funds by the City Council. This was announced by the OB Community Development Corporation, the non-profit lead organization on the project. For more info, contact Ann Kelsey at 914-837-7047 or ann@obcdc.org .

$7000 From Supervisor Cox for Abbott Street Trees

County Supervisor Greg Cox has awarded the OBCDC $7,000 in grant funds to replace trees along Abbott Street. For more info, contact Ann Kelsey at 914-837-7047 or ann@obcdc.org . Deja vue?

Who were Dusty Rhodes and Bob Kenny anyhow? (Help us out.)

We have a couple of fields in OB named after these guys: Dusty Rhodes and Bob Kenny. Who were those guys anyhow? Well, I remember both. Bob Kenny was the OB Rec Center director when I was a teenager in the Sixties. He has the softball field next to OB Elementary School named after him.

Dusty Rhodes Dog Park has been in the news lately. Well, Dusty Rhodes was a real person who was very active in local politics back in the Seventies. He and Lois Rhodes were perennials in the OB Town Council and in the then OB Mainstreet Association, I believe. Dusty and I were involved in the joint-meetings of the Town Council, the merchants and the progressive OB Community Planning Group in hammering out compromises to the original OB Precise Plan, that resulted in not only a new plan for the community but in the establishment of the OB Planning Board – the first democratically elected board in the history of this state. Lois was also active in supporting an anti-development slate of candidates for the Planning Board in the early Nineties.

If you know more about these guys, please help us out. Send us info by making a comment below or to our email address: obragblog@gmail.com . Hopefully, we’ll have move to share on these guys.

Editordude: readers responded and we have remembrances from 3 OBceans: Claudia Jack, Mike James and Robert Burns; here they are, culled from the comments to the original post:

Claudia Jack

Dusty Rhodes & his wife Lois were involved in saving Dusty Rhodes Park from becoming Condo’s…They donated alot of money and wanted to make sure it was kept a passive community park. They also donated all the money to fund the kids area. … I was on the Dusty Rhodes Committee with Eileen Histen and Pat Warren for years…. Their is also a Memorial Memory Rock in their honor!!!!! They were wonderful people.

Bob Kenny was a great Community person..He was very active and I used to play Bingo with his wife at the local church.. Bob was a avid runner. My family lived in Bay Crest Apartments and that’s where they lived…. One night we were playing Bingo & a emergency call came in his wife left the hall & Bob was running by Ebers & Newport and had a major medical problem & he passed away, it was a hugh loss to all of us & the community. Then the OB Rec. Center named the field after him. May his Memory to all of us RIP.

Mike James

OK, here is my Dusty Rhodes story. Dusty and Lois were involved with O.B. Town Council in the 70’s and early 80’s. Dusty was also a member of the O.B. Planning Board with me in 1980. During that time the City Council had approved the development of Mariner’s Cove on city’s Pueblo Land. This large complex is located off of West Point Loma Ave. At first Dusty and others on the Planning Board tried to stop the development arguing the city council’s actions were illegal. After a short fight, a compromise was hammered out. If the developer were allowed to build they must also create a community park for Ocean Beach. The park was to be on vacant land across the from Robb Field. I don’t recall the original name of the park (Collier West?). When Dusty passed away a few years later the parked was named in his honor for his part in getting the park created and his other service to Ocean Beach.
I was their at the dedication of the renamed Dusty Rhodes Park. The plaque was placed next to a tree planted that day. The tree is some exotic type of African Pine.

Robert Burns

I knew Dusty Rhodes well through working with him, and his wife Lois, on the OB Planning Board in the 1980’s and, I’m pretty sure, the 1990’s. The name Dusty Rhodes Park came about in an epiphany that Dixie Brien and I had; the name struck us as honoring a local activist (Even though we did not see eye to eye on a lot of political issues he was a true, selfless community activist) and providing a rural-resonating name.

OBMA Historical Tour – Online

The Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association has an online historical tour brochure of Ocean Beach. Mainly highlighting our older buildings and residences, the tour is easily available here, plus you can get a hard copy of the brochure by ordering it through the OBMA. Here is what the OBMA says:

Take an Historic self-guided walk through Ocean Beach!

Our new Historic Walking Tour brochure is now online for all to enjoy! (Printed copies are available at 1868 Bacon St., 92107.) Many of the buildings you will find in the Ocean Beach Historic Tour originated early 1900’s and during the Resort Days of the 1920’s.

OB Town Council to hold elections in August

The Town Council will hold elections for officers and for their board next month in August. The election is for members only, naturally, but the council itself acts for the community.Here is the OBTC’s official announcement:

Seven seats on the Ocean Beach Town Council Board of Directors are up for election this year. Directors are elected for 2-year terms, are obligated to attend two meetings each month (second and fourth Wednesdays), and should expect to participate in the various events and activities of OBTC throughout the year. Candidates must be OBTC members in good standing (dues paid), and must be at least 18 years old at the time of election.

If you are interested in serving on the OBTC Board, submit a letter of intent declaring your candidacy, stating your reasons for wanting to join the OBTC Board, and describing any relevant experience or skills. Letters of intent will be included in outgoing ballot and newsletter correspondence. Letters can be submitted by regular mail or E-mail, and must be postmarked or time stamped before midnight Monday, August 16, 2010.

Post your letter to OBTC Election Committee, P.O. Box 7225, San Diego, CA 92167, or submit to us via email at obtowncouncil@gmail.com

Voting for OBTC Board Members will take place in the second half of August by the membership of the OBTC in good standing by general election. All candidates will be invited to address the Open Meeting on August 25, 2010. Newly elected Board Members will start their term of office at the Board Meeting on October 13, 2010.

And by the way, the council is still looking for volunteer(s) to assist them in updating their website. Let them know if you can help.

Planning Board General Meeting August 4th

The Ocean Beach Planning Board holds its regular general meeting this Wednesday, August 4th. They meet at 6pm at the Rec Center at the corner of Santa Monica and Ebers.

OB Centric: Creating community – one art project at a time – August 5th, 17th and 23th

The ob centric art gallery, located at 4876 Santa Monica Avenue, is continuing its summer event season 2010: On August 5th is the pinch pot/ butt sucker making (7-10pm), then on August 17th the jackson pollock party (7-10), and then the August 23rd prayer flag making (7-10). Here’s what the folks at ob centric say:

events will have a cost, costs vary each event but don’t worry – we promise to keep them cheap cheap cheap! … art gallery offers art classes and eco-conscious events, integrating art into our every day lives and consciousness for our environment and surrounding community.

everyone is encouraged to explore supplies and tools freely, as well as participate in guided lessons. self expression and the development of a unique “artist vision” is encouraged and revered in each.

many of our classes focus on the integration of recycled items into the creative process whenever it is possible. environmental awareness is increased by turning normally discarded items that impact san diego landfills into functional and creative art projects. students gain an awareness of how their ability to express themselves can be interconnected with their community and can impact the world around them.

and all of our parties leave little to no footprints on mother earth, reusing, reducing and recycling anything we can. www.obcentricstore.com / p: 619.222.4876

Pepe’s Annual Tomato Contest – August 15th

Pepe’s – the totally local Italian restaurant at 1830 Sunset Cliffs Blvd is holding its 11th annual tomato contest on August 15th, beginning at 4pm. You must call them to register at 224-4199 – and only 25 contestants will be taken. Only locally grown tomatoes will be judged.

Historical Society: “Hot Curl” Cartoonist Michael Dormer – August 19th

The OB Historical Society will be presenting the one and only, famous “Hot Curl” cartoonist and fine artist Michael Dormer, Aug. 19, 2010, 7 PM, at the PL United Methodist Church, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., OB. Michael is know widely among the surf community for his “Hot Curl” surf cartoons, and in the art community for his fine art. The presentation will include clips from a TV interview of Michael, by another well-known OB resident, San Diego Libraries Curator Mark Lugo from the nationally-recognized San Diego Public Library’s Visual Arts Television Program series. For more about Michael Dormer and his art: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Dormer ; http://www.hotcurllives.com/ ; http://www.michaeldormer.com/ .

Get Ready for the Jazz 88 OB Music & Art Festival! – September 11th

It will be on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 5099 Newport Ave., 92107 and surrounding area. This year will include 7 live stages featuring 26 award-winning bands, 60 Fine Art booths on the 4900 block of Newport Ave! Vendor booths will be in the grassy area at the foot of Newport Ave. TICKETS: $30 General Admission, Kids 12 & under free.

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