Peninsula Planners Approve 3 Projects, Support Ban on Adults at Play Areas and Hold Elections

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in Ocean Beach

By Geoff Page

One of the things that makes community planning groups worthwhile is that they provide a launching site for ideas by regular folks.  A one-woman crusader came to the Peninsula Community Planning Board’s regular monthly meeting last Thursday, March 21, with an interesting ordinance proposal to ban adults from children play areas unless accompanied by a child.  Just the idea makes one smile. But, there was a serious reason behind her effort.

A Proposal to Ban Adults From Play Areas

Sandy Algra’s very young child was scratched by a bloody needle in a play area and now faces years of biannual testing for possible disease.  Ms. Algra explained she was channeling her anger into her solo effort to get the following draft ordinance passed:

“Designated Children’s Play Areas: It shall be unlawful for any adult to enter and remain in a designated Play Area, where signage is posted, unless the adult is supervising and/or accompanying child(ren) who is/are then visiting the Play Area.

The ordinance defines an “adult” as anyone over 18 and “children” as persons age 12 or younger. “Play Areas” are defined as any portion of an area within a city park that contains playground equipment for use by children, and has been posted with signs identifying the designated area as a children’s play area.2”

When questioned about the age 12 cut off, Ms. Algra explained that playground equipment is designed for basically two groups – some for very young children and some for more mature children up to the age of 12.  Ms. Algra explained that the ordinance language is modeled after a similar ordinance in Hollywood, Florida.  The proposed signage is also based on the Florida ordinance and part was based on a San Francisco ordinance.

Ms. Algra explained that the explosion in the homeless population has resulted in even children’s play areas being taken over for camping with the attendant problems.  This ordinance would just provide an added tool for preventing that.

As could be expected, the PCPB was very sympathetic and voted unanimously to support the ordinance.

March Elections

The big event for the evening was the annual March elections.  There were 17 candidates vying for 7 seats.  Five of the 15 board seats with three-year terms are up for election every year.  This year two seats with shorter terms were open.  One two-year term was open due to the removal of Mick Moore after missing four meetings in a year, or in seven meetings.  A one-year term was open due to the resignation of Margaret Virissimo resulting from a complaint filed against her last fall.

The election results were reported in the OB Rag here.  Election challenges have been filed by community members based on election rules violations by several candidates.  The complaints are being reviewed.

From Jen Campbell’s Office

There was an information item from Miller Saltzman, the District 2 representative for Dr. Jennifer Campbell, that has already gained some social media attention.

Saltzman explained that Campbell is working on solutions for the homeless and for the recent court case that resulted in people legally camping in their vehicles.  One idea was to provide a safe lot and the location Campbell feels is most promising is South Shores, just to the east of Sea World.  Rather than just provide a place to park, the proposal will be to provide services and aid to people while there with the goal of getting them into permanent housing. Saltzman said they looked for a place away from residences and not next to the beach and South Shores fit both requirements.

Saltzman said he scouted out the various lots in OB to see what the parking regulations were and most had limited no parking from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.  One idea is to expand those hours.  Saltzman mentioned that nothing was posted at the pier parking lot.  San Diego Police Department Community Relations officer, David Surwilo explained that the pier lot allowed 24-hour parking for people who fished on the pier.  Apparently, some people do fish in the middle of the night depending on what is running.

Saltzman mentioned “Java with Jen” in Point Loma on Saturday, April 13 from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Coffee Hub on Shelter Island. This is an opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Campbell in person.

Action Items

The action items on the agenda all passed unanimously.

  • Point Loma Concerts – Every year the people who organize the free concerts off Catalina Blvd. by the Fire Station come to the PCPB for a letter of support.  Every year, they get unanimous support, who would vote against free concerts?
  • Liberty Station Banner program – Approval sought and given for a program of using banners throughout Liberty Station for events.

The Following Projects Approved:

  • 810 Armada Terrace – An owner will demo an existing home and build a 6,719 square foot residence on large lot of .32 acres.
  • 3848 Jennings Street – The owner will demolish a garage and build a new on with a 410 square foot companion unit above it.  By keeping it to that size, parking requirements are waived.
  • 1202 Novara Street – What was characterized as one of the easiest projects to come before the PCPB was a proposal to simply change the designation of an existing guest quarters to a companion unit.  The guest quarters are on the ground floor of a house, by changing the designation, the owner can put in a second kitchen and rent it as a fully habitable unit.

Police Report

The last item of interest was Officer Surwilo’s partner, Ricardo Piñon’s announcement that he was being reassigned to headquarters to work in a new gang intervention unit.   A team of four officers will work with young children who may be at risk for recruitment into gangs and will try to mentor them and show them other possibilities.  Piñon was clearly pleased to be chosen for this position.  The question now is, what will Surwilo do for a straight man?



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