City’s Urban Forestry Board Meeting on Long Branch Torrey Pine – Wed., Nov. 14

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in Ocean Beach

The City’s Urban Forestry Advisory Board is meeting today, Wednesday, Nov. 14, on the Long Branch Avenue Torrey Pine. The meeting starts at 11:45am and is on the 12th floor of City Hall in downtown San Diego. The conference room off to the side of Council Chambers is usually where the meetings are held.


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retired botanist November 14, 2018 at 4:44 pm

Ok, will try and keep my comment ‘measured’ :-) : While this particular tree is clearly important to many in the OB community, perhaps what’s more important is the ongoing need for better communication between the City’s “tree management group” and ALL the City’s communities, not just OB, who care deeply about their trees and the impact they have on climate change. It should not be “crisis felling” management. OB has an excellent representative/advocate for OB’s trees in Ms. Wilson, who represents OB on the City’s CFAB Board, and the OB community’s wishes and directives, per their Plan, about the care and management of their signature trees. So I don’t know at this point, given the effort and dialogue OB has PREVIOUSLY invested in this matter, what it takes to bring this message ‘home’, but hope that Virginia will have the necessary backing and support to make the message clear:
Nevermind that its an endangered species, is supposed to be uber protected by its heritage status and municipal code laws, has been a signature icon in the community, and has survived several previous attempts to its felling, there’s a bigger picture here:
Please help to let the City know that OB cares deeply about its trees, old and young, and wants to ensure that the City meets it tree canopy goals, and its commitment to its climate change goals, by going the extra mile to preserve and protect these signature trees. Thanks, and good luck and thanks to Virginia Wilson in this next dialogue! :-)


Molly November 15, 2018 at 8:25 pm

Retired botanist, thank you for you very laser-like comments; you get to the heart of the matter. Keep them coming.


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