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Arts classroom scene with handful of young children and an adult

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By Ernie McCray

I had moments not too long ago when I thought that I just might not be around in 2017 – based on the complete lack of energy I was enduring day after day, with my belly under siege by some bacteria that just didn’t want to leave.

But I’m still here on the scene, happy as a lark, slowly getting back to my routines. Wanting to write something regarding my making it to 2017, I checked a writing prompt website and chose number 17 of the choices, as a symbol for 2017, and it read: “In 400 words create your ideal place.”

That put me in a nice place because the prompt could have been something like “Write a 150 word profile on somebody named ‘Margaret Mallory’” or write about “something wrapped” which would have called on more creativity than I wanted to own. I just wanted to kick the new year off in a nice tone.

So I began picturing my ideas of what might be an ideal place, wondering where it would be and how it might it look. My imagination sat me down in beautiful settings on tropical beaches. I visited exciting waterfalls and magical vacation getaways. Places where one could meditate in peace or play all the live long day. But it all seemed cliché.

Then I thought about it in another way, looking for something more representative of who I am and what I’m about as a human being and having spent so much of my lifetime trying to make learning fun in schools so students might enjoy the pursuit of knowledge, I envisioned an ideal place I call The Hip School (and broke it down in 400 words).

At The Hip School teachers pretty much bypass worrying about test scores and such and roll up their sleeves to keep up with mentees who’ve inherited a world of electronic accessories, iPhones and iPods and iPads and a host of other iThis and iThat doodads like PCs and MP3s, not to mention CDs and DVDs.

These teachers are up to their knees helping students make sense of the sights and sounds that make their world go around – all the mysteries in their realities.

They do so by facilitating opportunities for children to: explore; sing and dance; sketch and draw what they see and feel inside; paint with the colors that stem from where their imaginations reside; sculpt shapes and write prose and poetry and plays that rise out of the drama in their lives.

Reading and writing and arithmetic and the sciences, et. al., find their way to the students’ minds in the excitement of it all, as their minds are primed artistically, creatively, open to learning and analyzing and coming to understand that their world needs intelligent human beings if it is to thrive – if it is to, indeed, survive.

It’s understood that in, say, music, just one of the arts, there’s so much math. It’s known that musical lyrics teach syllabification, phonics, vocabulary, imagery, history, myths, folktales, geography and culture.

At The Hip School, visual arts and theatre arts and dance arts are utilized to make history come to life and to introduce universal themes in safe student-centered environments wherein students, just from the culture of the school, learn: the value of hard work and being disciplined; how performing with others like in an orchestra, band, or choir, or in a drama, is all about working with others as a team with everyone striving for a common goal, learning to negotiate and empathize and sympathize.

At The Hip School cultural awareness is a natural byproduct of students being engaged in creative activities that allow them to clarify and discover the intricacies within their budding ideas and life philosophies – as human beings learn best when they have a sense of self and others.

At The Hip School students, simply, over time, because they’ve always felt free to rise and shine, discover who they are and what they have to offer their community and all of humankind.

At The Hip School such thinking is seen as fulfilling one’s destiny.

Wouldn’t it be cool and wouldn’t it be neat if The Hip School was just up the street?

With the challenges future generations will have to face we, as a society, should think seriously about making our schools ideal places.

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Keith R January 10, 2017 at 10:12 am

I love the concept, but shouldn’t there be assessments to track improvement? We live in a data driven society, and there should be something to look at….especially for parents.


Ernie McCray January 10, 2017 at 3:07 pm

Oh, there will always be assessments, that’s the name of the game, but I know of no school, that’s truly rich in the arts and in humanizing education, that has any problems with “test scores.” As a principal I spent very little time on the data and a lot of time on serving the students well. I’d just let the test scores take care of themselves.


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