Just Say No! to Minimum Wage Surcharge on Ocean Beach and San Diego Restaurant Bills

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A Number of High-end Ocean Beach and Point Loma Eateries Adding Surcharge

By John Loughlin

Restaurateurs make a political statement by adding a surcharge to ‘cover’ the cost of paying the poorest workers a higher wage.

The Union-Tribune article helpfully provides a list of restaurants to boycott as well as some to support.

Back in May 2016, David Cohn speaking at a CREW event:

“It is so easy to vote for that [minimum wage] increase, but it is going to really raise your cost of entertainment and spark a new round of inflation that we haven’t seen since the 1970s.”

He was reported as predicting that the results could lead to menu prices increasing a minimum of 30% over the next few years. From Jan 1, 2017 the Cohn Restaurant Group is adding a 3% surcharge to cover ‘mandated’ cost increases.

One restaurant association executive is quoted as saying “my advice to San Diego was don’t label it as something you’re doing because of the minimum wage because people will perceive you’re complaining or making a political statement.”

According to the article the Cohn Restaurant Group, Rockin’ Baja Lobster, Urban Kitchen Group, Brigantine, Bali Hai, and Tom Ham’s Lighthouse are all asking us to get political and spend our dollars someplace else.

Perhaps we could email Arsalun Tafazoli, cofounder of CH Projects, and encourage him to eliminate tipping at his restaurants, and instead have an inclusive what-you-see-is-what-you-pay-price, so he can help make it easier for San Diegans to pay real-wages to all workers – arsalun@neighborhoodsd.com

2017 is a fighting year.

John Loughlin is an OBcean and  self-proclaimed Technology Prognosticator, and immigrant. From exploding natural gas, to designing audiophile equipment, developing telecommunication systems and empowering people to take control of diabetes, he’s been helping people with technology for decades. His Ocean Beach based company, Ruby White provides communication & technology services to businesses, non-profits and progressive groups. He was recently elected, by club presidents, to be Director of Clubs, San Diego County Democratic Party.

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