OBceans Rally Against Trump

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ob-trump-protest-11-19-mh-10At it’s peak, there must have been nearly 70 people protesting Trump at the foot of Newport Avenue, on Saturday, Nov. 19th.

ob-trump-protest-11-19-mh-4Billed as “OB Sez No to Trump”, the gathering was boisterous and peaceful, and had been organized by the Green Store and the OB  Rag. The signs said it all.

ob-trump-protest-11-19-mh-7There were a couple of speakers, chants – some guitar music, a few TV cameras, and then a sidewalk march up to the OB Library, for another short rally.

ob-trump-protest-11-19-mh-11The only glitch – if you can call it that – was an incident along Newport where a handful of bikers emerged from Cheswicks and began revving up their bikes, in a noisy counter-protest to anti-Trump protesters. Middle fingers and peace signs were thrown each way – and it only lasted a few minutes. At least one long-haired biker crossed the street and shook hands with smiles.

ob-trump-protest-11-19-mh-5Our own South OB Girl captured much of the rally and short march.







Here’s a report of the rally with great photos by Barley Peace at Daily Kos. (Hey, Barley- it was wonderful OB Library.) And here’s Channel 8CBS report.

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