The Last Little Thrift Store on Newport in Ocean Beach

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OB $2 store mh 9

Two Dollar Thrill Only Shop of Its Kind on Main Commercial Street

By South OB Girl

Newport Avenue has a long history of thrift shops and vintage clothing shops. A history that is decades long.

OB $2 store mh signSome folks are excited for the new coffee shop, OB Beans, opening at 4879 Newport Ave. But some folks are sad that Thrift Trader ended up closing its doors in that location.

Thankfully — two doors down from the old Thrift Trader location is Two Dollar Thrill. Run by the owner of Thrift Trader. Two Dollar Thrill is now the only thrift shop on Newport. Since the thrift shop for animals on Newport also closed its doors this year.

OB $2 store mh $2The current location at 4871 Newport — between OB Hardware and The Corner Store –is actually the original location, where Two Dollar Thrill first opened in OB 6 years ago. The larger store at 4879 was part of an attempted expansion.

Thrift Trader in Pacific Beach and North Park take trade ins, and will sort through your attempted trade ins for the items they want to sell in the store. And the store then gives store credit for your trade ins and you can shop in the store and receive $3 off items in the store (or you can receive $1 per item you trade in).

The price of items at Thrift Trader is $5.99, or 4 items at $5.99 for $20. Thrift Trader is selective about the items they will take, and look for seasonal clothes. More information is available at www.thrift

OB $2 store mh Desinr

Ladies designer finds are a plenty — for $2.

At Two Dollar Thrill — everything is $2.00.

EVERYTHING. And if that bargain wasn’t enough– if you buy 5 items, you get a sixth item FREE.

The shoes, the purses, the clothes, the records, DVDs, and CDs. Everything is $2.00.

Designer finds are a plenty. Or maybe you are looking for basics and not labels. You will find those too. Many sizes, men’s and women’s.

OB $2 store mh raks

Lots of options, basics as well as labels.

Shoes, purses, jewelry, beach wear, and vintage finds. Something for everyone. And all for $2.

OB $2 store mh raks2

Dominique Ross rules the roost and has worked at the store since the beginning. She knows many of the regular customers by name.

OB $2 store mh Dom

Dominique Ross rules the roost.

Some customers come in to regularly browse the record collection. Often going home with cool vinyls. Some customers come in for the clothes, purses, jewelry, and shoes. Some customers enjoy selecting tv shows and movies from the variety of DVDs.

OB $2 store mh vinyl

Scott Graham, school counselor at OB Elementary, is a regular customer. He enjoys browsing the records. Here he came across a record by The Cars.

Individuals on a budget feel like they are able to purchase clothes because of the low price. And many travelers come through as well and buy a change of clothes.

OB $2 store mh shoes

Michael Kors heels.

Expecting mothers sometimes pick out clothes that may work as maternity clothes, not wanting to spend too much money for new clothes only for 9 months. The customers are as varied as the merchandise and there is something for everyone.

Before Newport loses its last thrift shop — cruise on by Two Dollar Thrill.

And you will likely have a good time and find some cool threads, a fun movie, or some good tunes on a record or CD.

And in the spirit of OB — you will be supporting local business.


OB $2 store mh vinyl2

Bernie Fishman, record collector


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South OB Girl July 21, 2016 at 10:32 am

Revision will be posted shortly. Wish I ran in to Michael Kors himself at Two Dollar Thrill! Young man is Bernie Fishman, record collector. Michael Kors is caption for the shoes. That’s right folks, $2 slightly used, basically new Michael Kors heels. And if you are super patient you might find some Miu Miu or Manolos.


South OB Girl July 21, 2016 at 10:33 am

And a huge thank you to Scott Graham, Bernie Fishman, and Dominique Ross for posing for the photos.


Dave July 21, 2016 at 10:16 pm

Great spot – we’ve been in occasionally over the last few years, mainly to buy a knockaround wardrobe for my daughter in the summer that there’s no worries of thrashing too badly playing hard. The fat guy section isn’t as extensive, but I’ve scored a few items…


South OB Girl July 22, 2016 at 11:09 am

Dave, another great reason to check out Two Dollar Thrill! A great option for parents shopping for preteens and teens. I am sure Dominique can keep an eye out for some larger men’s sizes if you ask her. I have seen men’s XL and XXL shirts often and such a range of pants and shorts come through, most likely you can find your size.


Don Johnson July 23, 2016 at 8:42 am

Lots of good finds, nice article!


South OB Girl July 26, 2016 at 8:13 pm

In OB at Two Dollar Thrill everything is $2.00.

At the Thrift Trader stores in PB and North Park, some items are $5.99 and some $7.99. And payout can be more than $1, for more valuable items.


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