Killer of Homeless on the Loose – Severely Injured Fourth Victim Set on Fire in Downtown San Diego

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This is an update on the series of grisly and vicious attacks on homeless people that have occurred this week – that have now claimed their fourth victim. A homeless man was set on fire early today – Wednesday, July 6 – in downtown San Diego.

One of the first victims – the other victim whose body was burned – has been identified as Angelo De Nardo, 53.  An autopsy determined that he had been killed before being doused with gas and set afire.

The other attacks occurred around Mission Bay; one in Ocean Beach – in Robb Field where a sleeping houseless man was beaten to death; another in the Midway area, where a man was beaten, but survived and is now hospitalized with life-threatening injuries; De Nardo’s death occurred just east of Mission Bay.  The victims from OB and the Midway have not been identified.

Police say that the 4th victim’s injuries match the pattern of the earlier attacks.

Understandably, San Diego’s homeless population, and the people who assist them, are totally unsettled by these series of inhumane assaults on sleeping people.

There is unmistakably a killer on the loose – a real monster.  And San Diego police are taking this case extremely seriously, it appears, in trying to get the word out, circulating flyers of the suspect to homeless encampments and areas, urging people to sleep in groups.

Of courses, if they had houses – or even shelters – they wouldn’t need to sleep in protective groups.

Fourth Victim Set on Fire in Downtown – Survives

A fourth victim was discovered critically injured in the wave of assaults on homeless people. Just after 5 a.m. Wednesday, July 6th, witnesses reported seeing a person “crouched over what they initially thought was a flaming pile of clothing”, but instead it was a man. Passersby grabbed a towel that was on fire off the victim.

This happened in the vicinity of State Street and Broadway. The victim suffered “severe chest trauma” before whoever attacked him, attempted to then to set him on fire.  This is all according to San Diego Police.

First Victim Identified

The very first victim in the series of attacks has been identified as Angelo De Nardo, who was a 53-year-old transplant from ….

His body was found on fire just after 8 a.m. on Sunday, July 3rd, off Morena Boulevard near Clairemont Drive. Witnesses said they saw a man carrying a gas can running across I-5.  De Nardo died before his body was set on fire, an autopsy determined.

Bob McElroy, president of the Alpha Project, an organization that serves the homeless, told the SD Union-Tribune that –

… De Nardo had stayed at the group’s shelter for a time and utilized the Neil Good Day Center, a location where homeless men can shower, do laundry and get mail. He was contacted by one of the organization’s outreach teams as recently as couple of months ago, McElroy said. He said he and others are looking for anyone who may have know him.

An estranged family member of De Nardo said she and her husband, the victim’s brother, lost contact with De Nardo when he moved away from Delaware in the late 1990s. She said he suffered from mental illness and had been hospitalized for it. He was prescribed medication and lived in a halfway house for a time before moving away after his parents died.

She didn’t know when he arrived in San Diego and had not heard of his death.

Meanwhile, police are on the hunt for the killer. They have released grainy surveillance camera footage of the suspect, who was videotaped buying a gas can, gas, and other things at a convenience store. SDPD Lt Nisleit said:

“I believe that’s how we’re going to solve this case. We’re going to put that photo in front of someone who knows him.”

Of the 4th victim, he said:

“There’s no doubt in my mind that these cases are being conducted by the same person.”

As we and all the mainstream media have reported, the second attack occurred near Greenwood and Kurtz streets in the Midway District – near a local brewery. Officers found a guy severely bleeding from stab wounds about 4:50 a.m. on the 4th. He was hospitalized with life-threatening “trauma to his upper torso.”

Then the Ocean Beach victim was found near the tennis courts at Robb Field around 6 a.m. He died from severe trauma to his upper torso, and had apparently been sleeping when attacked.

Homicide detectives have asked anyone with information about the attacks to call police at (619) 531-2293 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (888) 580-8477.

News sources:  KPBS

San Diego Union-Tribune

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Lori Saldaña July 6, 2016 at 11:10 am

My condolences to the family and friends of the men who have been attacked and killed.

These men are not “transients.” They are known to people living and working nearby, and like many homeless people in San Diego, have likely lived and worked here themselves before losing their homes due to illness, loss of income, death in their family etc.- things many of us experience but are able to overcome with the support of others.

Moreover- these assaults began weeks ago. Other news stations have reported on attacks on homeless people sleeping downtown- a series that began over a week ago.

Despite these violent incidents, as of today: # of news releases, public statements, and/or safety warnings Mayor Kevin Faulconer has issued on this series of assaults & murders of homeless people in San Diego: 0


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