‘Love Trumps Hate’ Rally Outside Trump Speech at San Diego Convention Center

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love trumps hate

“Tear Down the Walls!” Noon rally sponsored by the ‘Love trumps Hate Solidarity Network’

By Martin Eder / Activist San Diego

The Friday May 27 rally outside the Trump speech will be part of a mobilization of several thousand. This noon-time rally at 5th and Harbor Drive, across from the San Diego Convention Center will focus on the theme “Tear Down Walls Between Peoples: Unity/Unidad and Solidarity”.

The Love trumps Hate Solidarity Network is committed to a non-violent rally. We are not coming to yell or engage Trump’s supporters. Our focus is on Trump’s incendiary words and actions.

In the call to action the Solidarity Network states “Come participate in democracy in action, 1st amendment in action”. Our rally is a visible response to a real threat.

There’s two kinds of free speech – the first, which Mr. Trump exercises, incites people against each other and encourages racial and social divisions. We, as part of the 99%, reject this type of race, class or gender baiting. Our demonstration is an example of the second kind of free speech in both its inclusive content and democratic intent; thus Unity/Unidad and Solidarity.

We reject Mr. Trump’s divisive values, values that do not represent America. Trump does not represent our multicultural society. He does not represent women or immigrants. He does not represent this nation’s acceptance of all religions and creeds. He does not represent the environment, economic rights or the diverse spirit of this land.

A president is a nation’s most visible symbol of its core values. Mr. Trump does not represent America’s core values, that “all men (and women) are created equal”. Trump singles out, among others, Muslims and Mexican-Americans as the cause of our social problems. He does not represent LGBTQ, disabled, elderly nor an America of equal opportunity. His heart is not with the people of America but is opposed to the interests of the 99%.

Mr. Trump’s rhetoric fuels hate, greed, and entitlement, the basest character flaws of humanity.

The Love trumps Hate Solidarity Network rejects scapegoating. We demonstrate to the world, through this action, our rejection of the greed economy. Lest the world think that the US people are all of a like mind, here the 99% demonstrate democracy in action and exercise our free speech.

We call on San Diegans to rally with us noon on Friday, May 27th at 5th at Harbor Drive.

Take public transit.

Opportunity for visuals: BANNER-MAKING and TEACH-IN TRAINING: Meet 5 pm Thursday. May 26th at Grassroots Oasis near Old Town ~3130 Moore St. San Diego.

More info here on Facebook

NEW UPDATES (as of 5/26/16) – see “The Very Latest ….”


Editor Note: Read about other planned actions here: Friday is Going to Be One Crazy Anti-Trump Day in San Diego

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