OB Surfer Survived Shark Bite Off Bali – But Needs Help – GofundMe Set Up

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Ryan Boarman OB Srft shark

Ryan Boarman Has Reached Singapore – More Surgery Possible

According to a San Diego U-T article:

An ardent Ocean Beach surfer was bitten by a shark off the coast of Bali, Indonesia Monday morning, April 25 and managed to ride a wave into shore before passing out.  26-year-old Ryan Boarman was sitting on his board waiting for a wave when a shark estimated to be about 6 feet long swam up behind him and chomped onto his elbow. Boarman was either able to shake loose, or the shark let go, but he was losing blood fast.

Boarman was in excruciating pain, but ended up surfing a wave into shore. He was quoted as saying, ‘It was a good ride,’ and then passed out.”  Nearby surfers gave him first aid and took him to a hospital, where Boarman underwent hours of emergency surgery. The shark bit through muscles to the bone, but doctors managed to save his arm, family said.

Since the above article, Ryan has arrived Singapore for more extensive medical care. He was met by relatives who took him in right away and started an IV and attending to his arm. Boarman, according to his gofundme page:

was seen by a physician who did a complete examination of his arm, and will be having exploratory surgery tomorrow afternoon Singapore time. They are concerned with some nerve damage as some of his fingers are numb. But we will know more after the surgery. Bill has a cot in the room, so he can be with him 24/7.

Ryan is still in quite a bit of pain, but his mom, Jeanie, says he sounds better. He’s worried about his arm, but there is definite relief in his voice as he is in a much better hospital and being attended to by medical staff.

Thank you again for all your donations and support, we couldn’t have done this without all of you! There are many hurdles ahead, including more surgery and then getting him well enough to come home.

All donations are going to cover the cost of his medical care. Anything not used or that is eventually reimbursed by the insurance company will be donated to charities in Bali or programs dedicated to preserving our oceans (Ryan’s passion). We will keep everyone updated here and on the Shark Attack Ryan Boarman Facebook page

The emergency trip is estimated to cost about $30,000. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with his medical expenses, and as of this posting, over $23,000 has been raised.


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