News from Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early March 2016

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Fences signify construction phase.

Fenced Lot Signals Condo Construction at Abbott and Voltaire

The fenced-in end lot off Abbott and Voltaire signals that the condo project coming down at that location is about to enter the construction phase.

OB Abbott n Voltaire condos

Artist rendering of project – to include 3, 2-story units.

The development will include three 2-story houses with a modern “contemporary design”. It was approved by the OB Planning Board on September 3, 2014.  Residents of neighboring residences have been using the empty lot for parking over the decades, which has all ended.

Owners of Large Dogs That Killed Chihuahua Sought

Two large dogs mauled a Chihuahua at the entrance to Dog Beach, Thursday morning, March 3rd, and their owners are now being sought. The Chihuahua was named “Baby” and was owned by Jimmy and April Davis of Ocean Beach. Their Baby suffered broken bones, a bite through a lung and other internal injuries and had to be put down. They think the dogs that tore their dog up are a “mastiff mix” and a “pit bull brindle”.  One of them, they recall from the horrific moment, “is named Lucy.”  Animal Services Director Dan DeSousa said an investigator will be working on Baby’s case to try and find the large dogs and their owner. abc10News


Some progress inside. Finally.

New Apple Tree Market on Newport to Open in June

This reporter ran into the owner of the Apple Tree Market, set in the former Rock Paper Scissors building at 4978 Newport (the former BofA) and he said that interior work has begun and he hopes to open this June. The permits process has been horrible, Saad Hirmez told me.


Shot through closed dirty front door to inside, with silhouette at back of building.

Hirmez had announced to the community back in the summer of 2014 that he was moving in to reopen his market, which had been where the new CVS is now. As we have reported over the months and years, the new market will not carry detergents, beauty products and other items typically found at a grocery store. Hirmez has told the  community that at least 40 percent of foodstuffs will be organic.

 Reward Offered for Parrot Killer

PETA, the animal rights group, has offered a reward of $5,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whomever is killing parrots in the OB and Point Loma area. Five endangered parrots have been shot and killed with pellet guns – four of whom were killed within the span of just one week. Anyone with information about this case should contact the Western Division of the San Diego Police Department at (619) 692-4800.


Quite a difference from the old Gilmore Jewelry store, eh?

Tattoo Shop to Open in Gilmore’s Storefront

The folks who run Chapter One tattoo parlor on Newport Avenue are moving into the Gilmore family’s former jewelry shop space – just 2 doors down.


Up and coming tattoo parlor in former Gilmore shop.

When I spoke to them on Friday, March 4th, the tattoo guys said they’d be open in a week. (The Gilmores have moved over to do wholesale internet sales at Liberty Station.) The Gilmore will, natch, continue to own the space on Newport.


New stop signs at Bacon and Niagara.

New Stop Signs on Bacon and Niagara

In a display of just  how busy and important the restaurant-laded intersection of Bacon and Niagara is, 2 brand new Stop Signs were installed at the Bacon corners.


Sunset Cliffs Blvd at Pt Loma Ave.

Speaking of Intersections … Sunset Cliffs and Pt Loma Have New Crosswalks

Another busy intersection over at Sunset Cliffs Blvd and Point Loma Avenue has new cross-walks (on Sunset Cliffs) with accompanying warning signs.


Drive-up spaces.

New Vegan Restaurant Will Be Drive Up

The new vegan restaurant in the Sunset Plaza building, Plant Power, at the corner of Sunset Cliffs and Voltaire will have a “drive-up” feature, where customers can order through a call-box without getting out of their cars.


No eating in your car, vegans! Make room for more customers.

A sign giving instructions asks that they depart when their food arrives.


Newly painted “Hippie House”. Back in the day, every house in OB was a hippie house.

Hippie House” Moves to Narragansett ….

Remember the “Hippie House” over on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard? The folks who had that abode and who painted it wild colors and symbols, tied in with the band Liquid Blue, have moved their headquarters. Now they’re on Narragansett and have painted their new 2 story (plus it appears they also painted the back house – which used to be owned by OB Ragster Brenda McFarlane and her hubby.)

Solutions to Graffiti on the Seawall Examined

The City of San Diego has a rewards program if you nab someone tagging. …  You are encouraged to call 911 if you see tagging or graffiti in progress; otherwise, it’s somewhat difficult to track down the perp after the fact. Don’t confront the taggers, but call 911, wait for the police to show up, and give them your info, as you are essentially making a citizen’s arrest. Get an incident report, fill out the form via the website, and when the perp’s case is over, you get a reward. It can take a month or a year, depending on the case, and the reward depends on what was damaged. … checks ranging from $250 to $350 for each incident.  SD Reader


New Hair Style Salon Sets Up in Former Indulgence

Trending hair styling taking place in new storefront on Newport Ave.



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PL Local March 7, 2016 at 3:58 pm

I was very happy to see the crosswalk on Sunset Cliffs and Point Loma Ave.

Now we need another at the intersection of Chatsworth blvd. where Garrison and Wildwood st. is. It is a blind turn if people are trying to walk across the street. I personally have had a few close calls. However, about a month ago, I was driving by that intersection, after following the fire truck, and saw an older (not OLD, 40s-50s) man who appeared to had been hit by a car, who was also on the side of the road. You also have Dana Middle school right there, and I am sure kids try to cross the road there.


Dave March 7, 2016 at 10:45 pm

About time on the 4-way stop at Bacon and Niagara – ever since Raglan and the new Noodle House replaced the old wine bar (a great, less-frequented spot) and Blue Parrot (a horrid shitpit), pedestrian traffic has been up there noticeably.

That Trendsetters Salon – aren’t they already local? I’ve heard that name before, not sure where…

Interesting on Chapter One, too – I guess when I go in for new ink on Wednesday (first time in 15 years) I’ll be one of the last in the old shop…


Christo March 8, 2016 at 9:02 am

Trendsetters Salon used to be at Point Loma and Ebers.


OB Mercy March 10, 2016 at 4:50 pm

Love to support local, but the meal we had at Plant Power (Judi Curry, review please!) last night was…nothing that would make me return and I’m being nice. Salad was great, but I can get a better one at Peoples.

Even though I’m a carnivore, I love good vegetarian food too. I’ll stick with People’s and Native Foods in Pt. Loma, which makes a wicked good taco salad.


Frank Gormlie March 11, 2016 at 9:55 pm

I’ll second that : Judi Curry to the review!


South OB Girl March 11, 2016 at 12:11 pm

How many tattoo shops on Newport now?? I love tattoos!! No judging over here… Just wondering…


Frank Gormlie March 11, 2016 at 9:55 pm

Hey SOG – see your house?


South OB Girl March 12, 2016 at 12:08 pm

Great photo editor dude!! Liquid Blue liked their photo too :-). They say the house isn’t quite done yet so we can all await some additional features to the hippie house and potentially another article in the future when the house is done!!


Jesse Worrell March 11, 2016 at 4:44 pm

Wow, so many changes in OB. It’s been awhile since I was last there. I never really lived there, but had a buddy that did for many years, so I would visit so often that I almost felt as if I DID live in OB, lol. He probably thought I lived there too.

I need to get back there, and see all the new stuff, and pay the guy at Robb Field gym the $7 that I owe him. Maybe this summer or fall, I will make it back and hang out for a couple of weeks. Sometimes having a job sucks…. ok, no it doesn’t, but…..


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