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Woman’s Body Found Near OB Pier Identified

Last week a woman’s body was found in the surf near the OB Pier.  Now she has been identified by the Medical Examiner’s Office as Victoria Zubkis. According to her father, Steven Zubkis, she lived part-time with him and part-time with her mother in El Cajon. Her father lives in Rosarito, Baja California.  Victoria, 20, was reported missing to the El Cajon police by her mother on May 26, after she traveled to OB to see a friend. The father, Steven, believes there was foul play and has hired a private investigator. The police are convinced otherwise, as homicide Lt. Paul Rorrison stated that the body had “no signs of any kind of trauma related to an act of violence or a weapon,” and the death is not being investigated as a homicide. San Diego U-T.

OB Cat longest 27 yr

Tiffany Two in OB – oldest cat – Guinness Book Record holder. Screen capture of abcnews.

Longest Living Cat Dies in OB

Tiffany Two, the world’s oldest cat, lived in Ocean Beach and then died in her sleep on May 22nd. She was 27 years old (and 2 months and 9 days). She belonged to Sharon Voorhees, who said Tiffany Two spent her last hours laying on the deck or in the yard. She was bought by Voorhees from a local pet shop for $10 when she was only a six-week-old kitten, and had been born on March 13, 1988, in San Diego. Voorhees named her Tiffany Two because she had an earlier cat named Tiffany also a tortoiseshell cat who died in the 1970’s. The Guinness World Records made a statement acknowledging the death of Tiffany Two.

SeaWorld and Its Supporters Play Dirty

During the protests on Saturday, June 6th, staged right outside SeaWorld’s gates, it was evident that SeaWorld and or its supporters were certainly playing dirty pool.  For right there, in the midst of the over 100 demonstrators lining SeaWorld Drive, were counter-protesters, 2 small groups of which were holding up large red flags identified with either the old Soviet Russia or with modern-day China. This was obviously a ploy to confuse or dissuade possible supporters with the “communist” regalia. In addition, there were at least 2 trucks carrying message boards that stated in large letters: “peta murders animals”. (PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and was one of the organizers for the demos.) And in a possible-related incident, someone sent the OB Rag a comment attempting to appear to be from editordude of the OB Rag and disparaging the anti-SeaWorld demonstrators.

OB Woman Outraged by What She Found on Firefighters’ Website – Which Had Been Hacked

An Ocean Beach woman is outraged after stumbling upon a graphic image of Smokey Bear on the Cal Fire union website. Alyson Rodeheaver and her son were surfing the Internet and they never expected to come across what they did on the site. “It was super upsetting because it shows our fallen … it’s very professional, nice website, then you run into that,” said Rodeheaver. On the site, she saw a profanity-laced illustration that said: “Smokey is tired of your [expletive] and he’s gonna snap you like this stick.” The drawing then promises to perform an act too graphic to describe, and then it reads “burn your [expletive] with gasoline” and “bury your sorry [expletive] alive and set fire to your grave.”  The Union responded and apologized to  her but said their site had been hacked by someone not associated with the firefighters’ union.  Channel 10


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Jana June 8, 2015 at 3:19 pm

There’s a lot of money at stake for Sea World, so the dirty tricks are no surprise. They are trying to resurrect their image, spending a lot of money on ads to convince parents to bring the little kiddos to the caring Sea World – playing on their sea animal rehabilitation credentials.

Doubt it will work, though their bottom line looks a little better. The tide is turning against this sort of “entertainment”.


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