Full Plate for OB Planners: 3 Projects for Total of 10 Units and 26 Parking Spaces

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OB Abbott n Muir street

The last large empty lot in north OB – at intersection of Abbott and Muir.

Review Committee to Meet Wed., June 17 at OB Rec Center

We often do not cover the OB Planning Board’s Project Review Committee meetings because most the projects end up for a final decision at the regular Board monthly meeting anyhow.

Not this month. For it definitely appears that the Project Review Committee – a sub-committee of the full Board – has a full plate for it June 17th meeting.

It has 3 projects to review – for a total of 10 new units and 26 parking spaces.

Interestingly, all the proposed projects are for empty lots in north Ocean Beach, including the very last large vacant lot at the intersection of Muir and Abbott.

OB Abbott n MuirAbbott and Muir

The first action item on the committee’s agenda is a proposal for a permit to build 4 condos with 10 parking spaces. This project is slated for the 4900 block of Muir – but the exact address is not included on the agenda mistakenly. Because its address is not part of the public notice, we believe the project will have to return to the Project Review committee when adequate notice is given.

Have always wondered why this lot has remained vacant for so long, as the rest of OB has been gobbled up by developers, speculators and a few home-grown house-builders. This large 7,500 square feet lot has been the parking area for nearby residences for decades.

(By the way – we like the new project agenda format.)

OB Cape May 4965

4965 Cape May Ave.

4965 Cape May Ave.

The second project for review is an application for a permit to construct 2 single-family residences on a vacant lot with 4 parking spaces. It appears that the project is near the required FAR and may be 3 stories high, coming in just 6 inches under the 30 foot height limit. It’s one of those 25 feet wide lots that are so popular in north OB.

This is probably one of the last remaining empty lots in this part of OB. We hope the developer is planning on keeping the 2 stately palms in the right-of-way.


5040 Santa Monica Ave.

5040 Santa Monica Ave.

The last project is a plan to build 4 units, put in 12 parking spaces at 5040 Cape May – also a vacant lot – all under 30 feet in height – which implies a 3 storied building.  Currently, the lot is empty except for 2 concrete slabs that could have been parking spaces off the alley.

Since these projects will envelop and cover some of the last empty and vacant spaces in northern OB, we urge the committee to carefully review all of the projects and exercise your discretion to the max.

The Project Review Committee meets at the OB Rec Center, 4726 Santa Monica, at 6pm. Here is the official agenda:


OBPB ProJ Rev Agenda 6-17-15

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Kathleen Blavatt June 18, 2015 at 6:16 am

The 5040 Santa Monica Ave. lot is the last chance to see the historic “Ocean Beach Sand Dunes” (somewhat cover.ed with p;ants). According to 1887 O.B. Subdivision map this was near the the edge of the them as the trickled off towards Newport Ave.


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