Climate Mobilization Coalition Gears Up for Next Action – Meetings Every Saturday in OB

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Climate Mobe edpic

Picture from March 15th rally now homepage of San Diego inspired them to make June 14th a national day of action.

Local Climate Mobilization Coalition meets at People’s Co-op each Saturday at 10:00 a.m. — Here’s Report of April 25th Meeting

By Colleen Dietzel / Special to the OB Rag

Since early February this year the Coalition for Climate Mobilization has been organizing a series of events to build the movement leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in November.  (See OB Rag coverage of March 15th event.)

The Climate Mobilization Coalition’s goal is a call to the United States Government to immediately commence a national World War II-style mobilization to transition the U.S. from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, including solar, wind and water.

Since the last March and Rally on March 15th there have been weekly meetings at the Ocean Beach People’s Co-op Market to plan for the next event on June 14th – People’s Co-op is a founding member of the Coalition. Meetings are open to all that care about the climate change issue.

The following are the notes from the April 25th meeting:

Attendees :   Nancy Casady, Derik Casady  Bill Posey, Nancy Kelly, Jim Bates, Nathan Feinstein, Colleen Dietzel

“Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride”

Discussion of the June 14th event.  Former Congressman Jim Bates, dressed as Paul Revere, will start his ride at midnight on horseback from the Episcopal Church on 6th Avenue and ride down 6th and arrive at the Plaza de Panama in Balboa Park warning of the impending climate crisis.  He will be greeted by a crowd of concerned citizens and speakers on the issue.

Derik  spoke with Richard Barrera from the San Diego Labor Council and he will speak at the rally at midnight on June 14th.  Beth  Johnson from the  Unitarian Universalist Church and the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice organization will also speak.  Other speakers are being lined up.

Brent from Greenpeace will help with a web page.

Video will be taken of the event and put on social media.  Discussion about media not showing up at midnight but if we give them a copy of the video maybe they will do something with it.

The Climate Mobilization national organization will call June 14th a national day of action.   San Francisco, Freemont, cities in Connecticut and upstate New York have signed on to do events.  The Climate Mobilization has weekly conference calls on Sundays which Nancy and Derek Casady among others participate in.

Volunteers for the local group participated in Earth Day at Balboa Park by passing out flyers about the June 14th event, building coalitions with other organizations, and holding a huge colorful banner of the local mobilization group.

Mel is working on new poster/flyer for June 14th which will be done by May 15th.

Nancy K and Nathan are outreaching to teacher’s groups and universities.

 Colleen and Kim are working on outreach to various organizations.

Environmental Health Coalition, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Peace Resource Center,  Citizen Climate Lobby, Women Occupy, Ocean Beach Green Center are just some of the Coalition members.

Nancy recommended people read the New York Times article “Our Climate Imperatives” by Laurent Fabius, France’s minister of foreign affairs and international development dated 4/24/15

  To do list:

  • Commitment  from people to  invite on Facebook for the June 14h event
  • Sign the pledge or petition from The Climate Mobilization (The pledge wording has been changed so it’s not so restrictive of voting for candidates who have not yet signed the pledge thanks to our former Congressman Jim Bates input.  Encourage others to sign the pledge and/or  petition.
  • Volunteers needed to do tabling out in front  of People’s Co-op starting May 15th (Sign -up sheet available next Saturday).
  • Work on adding more groups to the local coalition.


 Next meeting:   May 2nd, 10:00 a.m. People’s Co-op’s community room.  More info: or 619-225-1083.

Colleen Dietzel runs The Green Store/Ocean Beach Green Center and along with Kim McGinley lends support to the local Climate Mobilization Coalition.  

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