‘Some Things Never Change’- Point Loma’s Perry’s Café

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Perry's Cafe Paisano Fritatta

Paisano Fritatta. Photos by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

“Perry’s Café”
4610 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA 92110

Perrys Cafe BLT

Your basic BLT with potato salad.

It has been years since I have had breakfast at Perry’s.  It was a place that my husband and I used to go to frequently and always enjoyed the meals we had there.  However, since he passed away, I find it difficult to frequent those places that we patronized, because it always brings back memories that I would just as soon forget.

However, one of the members of my widow support group – Ro – had a birthday today that we wanted to celebrate, and she chose “Perry’s” as the place she would like to go. Interesting enough, all of us had been there with our spouses, with the exception of Candy.  We asked the very nice waitress when Perry’s opened, since we all had recollections of our previous visits there and she said it was about the middle 1980’s.  It had been a “Sambo’s” prior to that time

The extensive menu has not changed over the years – there are 11 Fritatta’s, 10 Mexican plates, 16 egg dishes, 10 omelets, 11 pancakes, 8 French toast offerings, etc.  And that is just the breakfast menu. (They are only open for breakfast and lunch.)  As usual, the place was packed and since Ro and Irene got there a few minutes before Candy and I arrived, we did not have the 45 minute wait that other diners were being quoted that came in after us.

Perrys Cafe hasN-

Mexican breakfast.

As usual, none of the four of us ordered the same thing and each of us was very pleased with our choices.  Ro had a Paisano frittata replete with a huge order of crispy hash brown potatoes – and she did not have to ask for them to be crisp. The cost was $9.75. Irene had bacon and eggs with a side order of a waffle and her bill was $7.95. Candy had a BLT sandwich with potato salad that was so large she took half of it home and it was only $6.95.  I had a Mexican omelet with eggs, onions, cheese and my choice of corn or flour tortillas.  It came with beans also, but I elected to have hash browns instead, and they were as crispy as Ro’s. My cost was $8.95.

Three of us had coffee – a little strong for me – and Candy had tea.  The cost of the 4 beverages was $9.  I had to laugh because on the table was a sign that said that “ . . . due to the water shortage in California water would only be served if we asked for it.”  However, we were each given a glass of water moments after we were seated.  Also an amusing tidbit was that there were three different kinds of hot sauces on the table – Cholula, Tabasco, and Green Hot sauce (I imagine it was a jalapeno base, but I could not read the label).

Perrys Cafe panEg

Your basic scrambled eggs with bacon and waffle. Ymmm

The meal was delicious; everything was cooked to perfection. Our waitstaff was extraordinary and anything that we needed – or wanted – was anticipated before we were aware we needed it.  And the best part? The total bill was $46.01 + a tip. Not bad for four people!

It was a delightful birthday breakfast for Ro.  Next week we will be going to the Little Lion for my birthday breakfast.

If you go to Perry’s go early – although they open at 6:00am – or go later when the breakfast crowd is over.  They close at 2:00pm.  I don’t think you will be disappointed even if you have a wait.

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