The 7 Planning Districts of Ocean Beach

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View of OB and beyond from District 6 – Photo by Travis.

Do you know which planning district you live in within Ocean Beach?  And why this is important?

Here is a detailed and photographic tour of each of the seven planning districts within the OB Planning Area. These posts were originally written for the OB Planning Board election in March of 2014. Everything – except who the current District representatives are – is still up todate.

We begin with District 1 – the northwest sector of OB – a very important section of the community. It’s bordered on the north by Dog Beach, the San Diego River and Robb Field – which makes the district the gateway to two of OB’s parks. It’s the site of the most famous dog-friendly beach park in the city and due to the district’s proximity to the beach, it has a heavy impact from tourists and visitors. … MORE

 Here, we present a look at District 2 – the virtual center of the community – and indeed it’s soul and heart.  Positioned within the northwest sector of the community along with District 1 to its north, District 2 consists primarily of residential units, homes, apartments, cottages and houses. It has about 12 blocks of residences along its 3 major streets, Long Branch, Brighton and Cape May Avenues; Brighton and Cape May have the awesome distinctions of being a few of the OB streets that end in the sand.  … MORE

The third district of the OB Planning Area is an anomaly because its neighborhoods are diverse and a good portion is physically separated from the others. The district includes OB’s most north-eastern area, that neighborhood hemmed in by West Point Loma Boulevard and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, but also includes a huge section on the other side of Nimitz Boulevard that has some more expensive condos as well as a sizable area of affordable housing.  … MORE

It’s easy to see why District 4 is indeed the center and hub of the community of Ocean Beach. Just look at a map and you’ll see that the business district and the main beach are both in this district. Downtown OB – the 3 commercial blocks of Newport Avenue and the adjacent side streets – is certainly the center of the community, no matter how you measure it. Traffic, pedestrians, events, happenings, music, food – and of course drink – it all happens right there. … MORE

The fifth district within OB is the smallest district geographically, but because it hugs the gorgeous Sunset Cliffs, it has some of the most stunning views of sunsets, the coast, the surf, and provides an aura of solitude at those cliffs.  Only about two blocks deep from the cliffs, the district includes approximately 8 blocks of residences – and is one of the most highly impacted areas of OB in terms of density. Mainly residential, with many apartments, the district does include those businesses along Niagara Avenue and along Bacon and Cable Streets. …  MORE

Stretching from the lowlands of Cable Street going east, District 6 immediately begins to climb up the hill – the hill of Point Loma – which is very steep at times, hence “Niagara Avenue” – and reaches the “peak” of OB at the intersection of Coronado Avenue and Froude Street. This is the highest point in “official” Ocean Beach – the geographical area of the community of OB that is recognized by the City of San Diego. … MORE

 Here in south OB, the ubiquitous airplanes are off in the distance, as are the other attributes of living in a highly packed urban beach area, the noise, the traffic, the parking problems, the congestion, the tourists and other visitors.  One can almost feel part of a different neighborhood than the raucous community to the north, the loud OB. With nearly a dozen blocks as residential within its area, District 7 does have a slice of a business district along its main east-west artery – Point Loma Avenue. … MORE

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Doug Card December 14, 2014 at 12:18 pm

Great article Frank!
Nice to see our 7 districts are still operating; nice photos and descriptions;
more of my nostalgia on Old Hippy article.


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