SEAWORLD WATCH: Protests for Corky’s Retirement on Dec. 5 – 6 – and ‘Jackass’ Star Gets Infraction for “Sucks” Stunt

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SeaWorld FreeCorky banner Dec 2014

On July 24, 2014, Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek actress Majel Barrett, was pleased to meet Christine Caruso and learn about the Corky 2 Freedom Journey and AB 2140! From the Roddenberry Adventures Facebook Page: “The bottom line really is that cetaceans need to be seen in the wild, not in any kind of pool .”

There is lots to report in this “SeaWorld Watch” column, an occasional post at OB Rag.

First, there will be protests outside San Diego SeaWorld this weekend, as activists pressure the aquatic zoo in protests advocating the retirement of the longest-held orca in captivity, Corky, captured 45 years ago.

Second, “Jackass” star, Steve-O, who pulled off a successful stunt last spring when he taped “Sucks” next to SeaWorld’s name on a freeway sign, was charged only with an infraction – no criminal charge – and faces a fine – which PETA has agreed to pay.

SeaWorld Sucks imageSteve-O, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover, videotaped himself climbing up on a green CalTrans sign along I-5 back on May 25th.  Covering “Drive” with a large sheet with the word “Sucks”, he taped it next to “SeaWorld”. Then in August, he posted a clip to his YouTube page showing him – and others assisting him – doing the dirty deed.

Anti-SeaWorld activists lauded his media guerrilla warfare approach to adding pressure to the park.  Glover was charged with an infraction of the California Vehicle Code section pertaining to interference with traffic devices and is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 22 in the Kearny Mesa Branch of San Diego Superior Court. The fine for that infraction is $239 .   Independent of this news source, we heard that PETA will pay it.

Also, since CalTrans claims that he damaged their sign when their people pulled off Glover’s paper, it peeled off reflective material, they can probably go after him for damages. A couple of months ago, the CHP announced that it was seeking criminal charges against him.  KPBS

Meanwhile, activists have planned a weekend full of protests against SeaWorld.  The message:   “45 Years Performing in Captivity is ENOUGH!  RETIRE Corky Orca NOW!”

A Friday night “Overpass Light Brigade” action will occur at the Clairemont Drive I-5 Overpass, December 5, 5-6pm, and there will be a demonstration outside SeaWorld San Diego on Sat., Dec. 6, 10am -1pm. Sea World Drive at Sea World Way.

The following is from the Press Release of the Anti-SeaWorld activists:

Concerned people from throughout Southern California and beyond will gather this weekend to advocate for the retirement of the longest-held orca in captivity, Corky, captured 45 years ago on December 11, 1969, in British Columbia.

Unlike 123 wild-caught orcas who lived an average of 4 years in captivity, Corky has managed to survive along with 12 other wild-caught orcas (including her tank-mates Kasatka and Ulises). She is the extreme exception. After 45 years of service to the multibillion dollar tourism industry in Southern California, and to the profits of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. for the past 25 years, she deserves retirement to a sea pen, where she can experience some semblance of her natural history while being cared for due to her very long confinement in wholly unnatural conditions.

“Shares of SeaWorld Entertainment (NASDAQ:SEAS) reached a new 52-week low during mid-day trading on Tuesday, AnalystRatingsNetwork reports. The stock traded as low as $16.09 and last traded at $16.10, with a volume of 680,397 shares. The stock had previously closed at $16.49.” [1]

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. and its landlord in San Diego, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the City Council, can begin to reverse the decline of this business by joining our National Aquarium in developing sea pen sanctuaries to which captive, performing whales and dolphins can be retired, starting with the longest-held orca in captivity, Corky at SeaWorld San Diego.

In just two weeks, almost 1,400 concerned individuals from throughout the world have signed a Petition calling upon Mayor Faulconer and the City Council for this world-class tourist destination to declare December “Corky Orca Retirement Month”:  .

Dr. Paul Spong of OrcaLab [2] has advocated for Corky’s return to her native British Columbia waters for more than two decades.  In this video, he shows us two sites that are ideal for an ocean sanctuary for Corky:  .

Facebook page.

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Linda Wolfe December 5, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Let’s not forget Lolita in Miami Seaquarium. She’s been held captive as long as Corky… in a tank that’s NOT to USDA standards and with NO companion!


Angel December 6, 2014 at 7:51 am

Yes! The pod she came from still has her mother as a matriarch. Scientists have a release plan, but Miami Seaquarium won’t cooperate.


Nicole Bayer December 6, 2014 at 5:20 am



Angel December 6, 2014 at 9:22 am

OOOPS! The website is actually , not freeLolita. Sorry, my bad.


Robert Anderson December 6, 2014 at 6:45 pm

Kasatka and Katina were captured the same day in Oct 1978. They were either from the same Icelandic pod or adjacent pods. Kasatka arrived in San Diego in Oct 1978 and Katina in Jun 1979 after a stay at Marineland Ontario.

After Corky 2 and Lolita, Kasatka and Katina have jointly spent the 3rd and 4th longest time in captivity of any orcas. Even though they are at least cousins of some degree, they have not been together since 1987. Katina currently lives in Orlando.

When Kasatka and Katina first arrived in San Diego, they spent time in the dolphin petting pool. Many San Diegan’s, including little children, played with them.


Martha Sullivan December 7, 2014 at 11:14 am

Thank You for your continuing coverage, OB Rag! We had two wonderful days of action in support of the increasing calls for the retirement of performing orcas and other whales and dolphins, as so poignantly represented by Corky, coming up on 45 years in captivity.

On Friday night, December 5th, we joined with the Overpass Light Brigade-San Diego to shine the message “RETIRE ORCAS” over the very busy I-5 Freeway above the sign for the SeaWorld San Diego exit — reaching tens of thousands of drivers and their passengers during the heavy evening rush hour.

On Saturday morning, we had a focused Demonstration outside SeaWorld San Diego, with the message “SEA A NEW WORLD FOR CORKY … NO SHOWS, NO BREEDING, SEA PENS, REHAB, RELEASE”. Wonderful turnout and great support from passersby! See our new Petition photo for a post-Demonstration group shot.

Our Petition is now just over 1500 signatures! And we have TODAY, Sunday, to give it one more big boost before we print it out with all the signatures and comments on Monday, for delivery to the San Diego Mayor and City Council on Tuesday morning, December 9th.

So please do one more round of Sharing to encourage your family and friends to join you in Signing this Petition for Corky, and all the orcas, dolphins and other whales in SeaWorld captivity!


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