Restaurant Review : Fig Tree Café at Liberty Station

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Fig Cafe JCFig Tree Café
Liberty Station
2400 Historic Decatur Road
Suite 103

San Diego, California 92106

Every Christmas season I go out to breakfast with two friends – Nancy and Stewart – and this year was no exception.  We were deciding  between the “Little Lion” and the “Fig Tree Café” this year and because Nancy and Stewart had been to the Fig Tree for their $5 breakfast special we decided to go there.  Alas, the special was not available for the “holiday” – even though it was now Friday following Christmas.  We ordered from the regular menu.

The inside of the restaurant was full – it was 9:00am – so we ate outside on the patio, under a space heater that eventually became too hot with the sun warming as our meal was served. Our waitress, although pleasant enough, was lacking in personality and energy, but took our order for drinks – coffee for all of us, although Nancy wanted hers with her meal while Stewart and I wanted ours first – and left for a good five minutes before it was poured at the table. (Coffee prices were $2.75 per cup.)

Nancy and I both ordered the traditional Eggs Benedict, served with a miniscule slice of watermelon and homemade potatoes. ($9.50) We were given the choice of an English Muffin or Focaccia bread.  We each chose the English Muffin. Stewart ordered an Eggwich, that had fried eggs, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, spinach and other ingredients in it. It was served on Brioche grilled bread along with potatoes($9.50).  Everything tasted fine, except that my Eggs Benedict were cold and I sent them back.  It was obvious that I received an entirely new plate, because I had taken a bite out of the English Muffin – that’s how I found out it was cold – and the returned plate was intact. However, the watermelon slice was not replaced, a minor problem.

The wait staff kept our coffee cups filled, but Stewart asked for ketchup and hot sauce when his meal was served, and he had to ask for it more than once before it was brought to him. Nancy asked for a pot of hot water and also needed to ask for it more than once before she was brought a cup of hot water. (She used it to dilute her coffee.)

The meal was tasty but the service was slow, and having to send back my meal because it was cold; Nancy having to ask for hot water more than once; Stewart having to ask for ketchup and hot sauce more than once was not conducive to a return to the restaurant. And, if that wasn’t enough, the young couple at the table next to us had ordered a large bowl of fruit and returned it because of a human hair gracing the top of it.

At best I would rank the Fig Tree Café at Liberty Station a “C” – they have some problems that need to be corrected before I would return.

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jeff l December 31, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Went to little lion with my wife yesterday. We were very pleasantly surprised by the food and service. The french onion soup was excellent as was the service. Stop by and support this place I’d like to see a small local place succeed.


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