Manhattan Beach Shark Attack Caught on Video

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Here is the video of the July 7 shark attack up at Manhattan Beach.

The following is a summary from post by Jim Hoft / Gateway Pundit /  July 6, 2014

A 10 foot long great white shark, hooked by a fisherman and fighting for its life, took a bite on a distance swimmer in the waters off the Manhattan Beach Pier today.

The men in the video on the Manhattan Beach Pier were fishing. Some allege that they were illegally fishing for shark and threw bloody chum in the water knowing it would attract sharks.

Supposedly, the fishermen caught the shark and battled with it for about 40 minutes. Then they either cut the shark loose or it got loose on its own.

Around this time the swimmers were nearing the pier. The group of swimmers swim each Saturday from pier to pier. They had no idea what was ahead of them.

As the swimmers neared the pier the fishermen were laughing about how the shark just got loose and was heading towards the swimmers. You can hear them laughing about it on the video. They kept laughing until they finally realized that one of the swimmers had been bit.


From the video: The shark — estimated by county lifeguards to be 10 feet long — bit the 40-year-old man in his upper right torso and then spat him out, said County Fire Inspector Rick Flores. The swimmer had stable life signs and moderate injuries, and was bleeding but conscious and talking to paramedics as he was loaded into an ambulance among weekend beachgoers on The Strand just south of the pier.

A popular stretch of beach one mile north and south of the pier was closed to swimming, as a county helicopter ordered people out of the 69-degree water on a holiday weekend. It was reopened shortly after 3 p.m.

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lori saldana July 9, 2014 at 4:29 pm

The disregard for swimmer safety exhibited by these fishermen is horrifying- and their actions result in at least one swimmer being injured and, judging by the screams, terrified some of the others out of their wits (understandable- bloody injury, shark nearby… nightmarish situation in the open ocean).

If you don’t want to watch/listen, here’s a key point: one of the men is heard to tell another to pull on the fishing line attached to the shark, to “make him [shark] talk” (or something like that- audio is rough to understand at points)- and this action winds up aggravating the shark, which leaps out of the water near swimmers as they approach the pier.

The attack/bite happens around this time. Screams of terror are heard shortly after as the fishermen finally quiet down and realize they have contributed to a real horror show.

I have to wonder: if the shark wasn’t fighting for its own life on the end of the fishing line, and being intentionally subjected to more pain (pulling in on the line)- would it have gone after the swimmer, or even still been in that area?

More to the point: Did the men on the pier contribute to the injuries the swimmer suffered in the water?

I wouldn’t be surprised if these questions are brought out in a personal injury trial…


SaneVoice July 9, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Equally disgusting is these cretins just stand there and laugh at someone’s life being threatened and then insult the other swimmers for a situation the fishermen themselves caused.


Lori Saldaña July 9, 2014 at 6:23 pm

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