Restaurant Review: the “New” OB Noodle House Bar 1502

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OB Noodle House Bar 1502 specOB Noodle House Bar 1502

4993 Niagara
Ocean Beach, CA 92107

Weeks ago when I was told that the OB Noodle House was going to open up their second restaurant I made a note to myself to try it before it became as busy as the original restaurant on Cable. For some reason I never found time to get there – probably lacking a date – and I did not try it until yesterday, June 4th.

My friend Mary and I had just had an acupuncture treatment upstairs from the restaurant, and since it was 4:30pm on Farmer’s Market Wednesday with a great parking place, we decided to have a bite to eat before going home.

There are some vast differences between this new restaurant and the original one.

Perhaps the biggest is that this one has a full liquor license. And, unlike the original, one can actually have a drink outside. Almost everyone that was seated outside had a dog; some had two; and they could stay with their dogs while enjoying their alcoholic drink. (At the original restaurant you cannot bring the dogs inside; so if you wanted a beer the dog would have to be tied up outside while you drank inside.)

Since we were there before the dinner hour, we got to enjoy the “Happy Hour” prices. For example, I had SAKE, which would normally sell for $6, at the half-price Happy Hour $3.00. There is a hand-written chalk board that lists the special Happy Hour prices. The SAKE was just the right temperature and tasted good. (Some SAKE is bitter; not this one.)

The menu is virtually the same as the original restaurant but does not have the entire variety yet. But it’s coming, and I don’t think there is a noticeable difference of missing items.

Mary is gluten free and it was refreshing to find that many of the items on the menu could be had with her in mind. Those items that could be made for gluten free patrons was marked with an * – and more than half of the menu had those little stars after the item.

bar 1502 bartenders

The bartenders. (Photo by Matthew Wood)

For a good example, we both ordered Fresh Spring Rolls, (2 for $4.50). They are, according to the menu, “for healthy eating, no oil, and low carb.” They were made with shrimp, thin sliced pork, lettuce, rice noodles, and special peanut sauce. And after the description was the following comment: “for gluten free patrons, fish sauce can be substituted for the peanut sauce.

I ordered two of the spring rolls, because I was going to take them home to my students. However, the order was huge; very large spring rolls, that even cutting them in half was a large portion. I finally cut them in thirds and got 6 large portions out of the two rolls. And they were delicious. Crisp! Fresh! Good sauce. Mary’s fish sauce was equally as good.

Mary also ordered the Chicken Lettuce Wrap for $7.95. The description was “spiced chicken mixed with green onions, water chestnuts, mushrooms and garlic served with lettuce cups.” She said they were excellent and definitely would order them again.

Although we did not try anything else on the menu – this time – we will both be back. We like the original restaurant; this is a step up – because of the full bar – and not quite as crowded – yet.

I do want to say something about the wait staff, because in reading a review by another patron she only gave the restaurant one star because of bad service. Our service was excellent by all we had contact with, from the minute we walked into the restaurant to the time we left.

Christine was our “waitress” and she was always there to ask if she could make suggestions; made sure everything was satisfactory; and came by just to chat for a few seconds. The other serving personnel were just as solicitous and it was a great experience. I would have to rate the wait staff at a 5; they must have had some training since the first review was done.

All in all, Mary and I were very happy with our dining adventure. Without question we will be back.


Editor: Here’s Matthew Wood’s post on its opening.

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