Reader Rant: OB Needs More Tenants On Planning Board

by on April 2, 2014 · 3 comments

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By OB Joe

Just noticing that there are 5 potential open seats on the OB Planning Board, I have a special plea to the Board:

Please Appoint Some Tenants !

Six out of every 7 OBceans are people who rent – tenants. And from I can remember of the goals of the OB Planning Board in the beginning – yea, I was there – the planning committee is supposed to represent and reflect the makeup of the citizens, property owners and businesses of OB.

But 6 out of 7 are renters, who don’t own property and who don’t own businesses. In my interpretation, that means that the Board ought to have a large majority of renters on it.

So how many tenants or renters are on the present OB Planning Board? I don’t really know. I know the following – by looking at the Planning Board internet site and from paying attention – that Tom, Pete, Scott, Bill and John all own their homes. I don’t know about Rae, Drew, Andrew or Kevin.  So, that’s  more than half of the current sitting Board – are home owners.

Hey, nothing wrong about owning your own home. I’m just saying that our planners should be more representative of the vast majority of OB residents.

It’s probably true but sad, that it’s the homeowners and businessmen and women who are more interested in planning affairs these days. So, they are the ones who come to the meetings, who want to keep their property nice, and they are they ones who want to get appointed or who run for the seats.

But let me tell you – tenants, renters care about our community too! Just because we don’t own a piece of OB physically does not mean we don’t care about OB.  Some of us are even proud to be tenants, living a minimalist style of living, trying to live in harmony with nature and our neighbors.

We still  have a stake in the neighborhood, bro!


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Seth April 2, 2014 at 12:28 pm

Joe, I am a tenant and think that I am up for appointment at tonight’s meeting, so thanks for the shout-out, haha. I don’t know everyone’s situation, least of all the more recent members, but can tell you that Scott was a long-time tenant in OB on the same property I currently live on. Bigger issue to me would be to get more current renters in the OB planning area more engaged with the community planning process. Everyone who is here is a stakeholder in the process, and has the ability to help shape the future of the community. I do this even with the knowledge that my own family’s future might not be in OB.


OB Joe April 3, 2014 at 1:01 pm

Hey, I got my wish. A tenant was appointed to the OBPB last night – Seth Connoly. Yea Seth – you carry the working class on your back.


editordude April 3, 2014 at 1:04 pm

OB Joe – Seth spells his name “Connolly” – but thanks for the comment.


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