Project on 4700 Block of Brighton Up for Review at OB Planning Board – Wed., Feb. 19th

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OB 4766 Brighton

House at 4766 Brighton Ave (white with blue trim).

The Project Review Committee, a sub-committee of the OB Planning Board, will be reviewing a project on the 4700 block of Brighton Avenue at their meeting Wed., Feb. 19th.

OB 4766 Brighton aerial

Aerial view of 4766 Brighton. The lot is 5,000 square feet.

Taking up the only item on the agenda, the unnamed applicant is seeking approval from the Planning Board for a project located at 4766 Brighton Avenue: to take down an older one story house on a large lot and construct two 2-story houses.

This is the first step in a 2-step process, where the applicant first appears at the review committee, which takes a vote of approval or denial; the project then goes before the full Board for a final decision. The next full Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 5. (Decisions can be appealed to the San Diego Planning Commission but the vote of the Planning Board carries a lot of weight.)

The applicant wishes to demolish an existing one-story single-family house, garage and sheds – which all sit on a 5,000 square foot lot – and then build the two 2-story houses including a garage, rooftop terrace and covered carport.

Some neighbors are concerned about the proposed development. They say the builder-owner’s name is Henry Jallos, and owns or did own property right across the alley from the Brighton property.

Apparently, the applicant wants to take advantage of its ability to condo-ise the property, using the already divided  two lots, “Lot 7” and “Lot 8” (side-by-side portions of the lot presumably as we have not seen the plans) or some other scheme to throw in the two 2 storied buildings.

Their plan is to build on “Lot 7” a 2 story single family house with a covered carport, totaling 1,820 square feet. And on “Lot 8” to build a second 2 story house, smaller – coming in at 1600 square feet -with a garage of 232 sqft. Either the house or the garage would have a roof terrace.  By our count, that’s an FAR of .73 (someone correct us if we’re wrong please).

Neighbors are worried that the property owner and developer will essentially duplicate a foreboding project constructed just a block away in the middle of the 4700 block of Long Branch Avenue.

OB 4768 Long Branch st2

This is what neighbors hope is not constructed.

There, a lot with two 2-story houses appears architecturally to the outside world as a mini-castle, un-inviting, unfriendly, all to itself, throwing an attitude of uncaring and dispassion to the rest of the community.

All that appears to anyone on the street or to neighbors is a near 2-story blank wall as the front broken only by 2 garage doors up the drive-way, accompanied by a rude 2-car curb break.

This is only a worst-case scenario.  As yet, again, we have not, at least, seen the plans or the details of this current, proposed project at 4766 Brighton.

Here’s the official agenda for the Project Review Committee.

OB Plan Bd Agenda 02-19-14


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obkat4ever February 19, 2014 at 10:48 am


Thank You So Much! This owner has built on the 4700 block of Long Branch a two-story
monstrosity and am hoping they won’t allow him to build another one on 4700 block
of Brighton.

Will be at meeting tonight and hope anyone else who is tired of OB being condo-ised will attend as well.


K February 19, 2014 at 4:31 pm

To bad people who don’t live in OB come in and destroy the cottage culture with their idea architecture.


Shaun February 19, 2014 at 9:03 pm

This is hilarious. The house shown and described is actually the house I’ve lived in for the last 3 years. This house has been in OB for many years. The house across the street from me is actually the property that people are referring to. I look at this house more frequently than anyone in the neighborhood. I must say, I very much enjoy looking at these houses. In fact, I would have loved to purchase one when they were available. Before the houses were built, there was a falling down single story house.

Condo-Ise is a very misleading term. These are well built, well designed and thoughtful structures that definitely enhance the 4700 block of Long Branch.


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