Word to the Wise: Week of September 26, 2013

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By Kelsey Lynore / The Tarot Nook

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs. The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts. Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


You may feel an overwhelming need to take a break this week, Aries. And while I usually encourage my readers to follow their feelings, it would be most unwise to take any sort of downtime right now. Your main creative project is simply too fresh, too new, and too delicate. It will wilt without your care. So, focus on where you’d like this endeavor to be heading and then take full charge to make sure all goes according to your plan. As this project starts to blossom, you may find that the labor itself becomes its own relaxation because the rewards are so stunningly sumptuous. But know this — You are the only one who should be calling the shots right now. A stand-in will not do.


For the past month or so, I’ve been telling you to think and behave more like a brave child. This week, the message is relentless: You need to nurture your innocence, your love, and your candor. And if that weren’t difficult enough, you’re being asked to grow young in the face of a series of seemingly catastrophic endings. You need to let go, Taurus. You also need to acknowledge how dark your past has been. You keep smiling, making light, putting on the cheery face. For who? That’s not what children do. Nor is it truly brave. Your song for the week is ‘My Back Pages.’ Please listen to it. My bet is that you never quite kicked your fear of the dark. But you can now if you so wish.


You’ve reached a new plateau in your development, Gemini. Take the week to properly acknowledge your success by taking a brief respite from your journey. You can continue later on. You’ve been in a rush to heal, and while a more pro-active stance has served you in the recent past, your eagerness to “get better” could actually hinder your recovery. The best way for you to ensure that you continue in such a salutary fashion is to relax and take stock. Pursue nothing. Be restful. Be contemplative. Pamper yourself. There is nothing outside of yourself that you need to tend to for now, nor is there any outward journey that you currently need to make. Just breathe, unwind, and look inward


You’re adrift this week, Cancer. And your instinct is to fight against the current with every ounce of strength that you possess. I can’t say that I blame you, but it would be manifestly unwise. You see, if you struggle, you risk believing that you know what you’re struggling for. And let’s face it — You haven’t a clue. Be brave enough to let go and you’ll find that you are whisked away to a fresh start and a bold new adventure, which is just what you need. You’re not drowning, you’re drifting. Trust. You’ll begin anew shortly.


If you’re being attacked on two fronts and you can only defend one, which do you choose, Leo? How about the one that involves less ego. The one that doesn’t promise reward so much as it already is innately rewarding. You need to defend your heart this week, Leo. Your friends, your family, and your happiness seem to be conflicting with the lure of the unknown. There really is no contest here, right? So, don your armor and prepare to celebrate and honor that which you defend. Your future will take care of itself, but those you are closest to need you now. Don’t let them down and your future will open up despite what you fear you’re missing out on. Promise.


You’re not in love, Virgo. You’re having a fling. I know this might not be your usual style but that’s no reason to confuse it with the real deal. And as you’re so inclined towards amorous delusion at the moment, it might be best to mourn the relation before it even begins. If you leap into some new dalliance you’ll only be trying to cover over a past heartbreak with a current ‘success.’ Better to lament the original source of heartbreak than break your heart all over again in the exact same fashion. The impulse towards re-traumatizing oneself is called the Death Drive. Don’t let it drive you!


This isn’t the week to indulge your poverty complex, Libra. You have to move forward, you have to be open, and you have to take risks. Luckily for you, you are eminently prepared regardless of your secret self-doubt. And the best attitude to adopt is one of positive bondage wherein you work with that which seems to oppose you. This will take patience, discipline, courage, forgiveness, and love. But if you can summon up the strength you’ll find yourself lauded and applauded for you creative contributions and leadership. Go on — Take a deep breath and balance those scales.


It’s time to reorganize and recommence, Scorpio. Where have you allowed yourself to get trapped between a rock and a hard place? And more importantly — Why? You’re experiencing a profound need to be more independent at the same moment that you want to get closer to those whom you love. Do you think that the two are mutually exclusive? Well, they’re not. I’m happy to tell you that the more loving that you can be this week, the more independent you will become. And the more independent, the greater your capacity to be close to those you care for. Ditch past paradigms. You’re strong enough to grow in two directions at once.


Manage nothing this week, Sadge. Seek no new improvements and solve no problems. You don’t need to. An apparent conflict is a blessing in disguise. Not because you need to fix it or ‘learn’ something, but because you need to realize that the appearance of an either/or proposition is no more than your own misapprehension of the circumstance. There is a harmony at work. You just aren’t seeing it. So, ease up and allow yourself to be guided by serendipity. You won’t master the circumstance by conscious manipulation. But receptive mutability will get you far!


Wow, Capricorn! I daresay, you look set to have a scrumptious week! If there is one potential pitfall, it might be a tendency to spend too much of your cash on those you love. Odd, right? Particularly as you’re looking so stable these days. But just remember that money is merely one way of lavishing attention on those you care for and not the way. Regarding your finances, look to stabilize your overall living circumstance in lieu of taking it for granted. Yes, you’re doing well both financially and emotionally. So see if you can’t create a structure that will stabilize and harmonize your current wealth in these two areas so that they don’t work to cross-purposes.


You have far more potential than you know, Aquarius. A peculiar bodily intelligence that feeds your intuition. Be still. Be quiet. Listen to it. And then ask yourself — For how much longer are you going to victimize yourself? Each time you enter a scuffle you underestimate the damage it does to your very being. Every time. So stop. Although the conflict isn’t technically that big of a deal, its impact on you is profound. It makes you feel victimized. It makes you feel trapped. And no amount of over-intellectualization or devout rationality will change it. Better to trust your body and your child-like ingenuity than place yourself in a situation that shouldn’t damage you, but does.


You know what you need to do and yet you’re inclined to let yourself drift. Wanna know what I think, Pisces? I think that you’re just being lazy. Keep it up and you’ll lose the emotional stability that you so value and need. This week, speak directly and honestly with those you most care for and you’ll be able to steer your collective ship to calmer waters. Renounce your role as captain and you’ll head straight for a waterfall. You’re the motive force right now. Best to own it. A whole community is depending upon the clarity of your insight and the directness of your action. Lead them and you’ll be met with much more welcome than a mere ‘Aye, aye.’

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Matthew Wood September 26, 2013 at 10:31 am

Balance, fellow Libras. Balance.


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