Fences, Weeds, and Construction Deeds in Ocean Beach

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OB weedsfences 5-22-13 RoobfencNortheast Section of Robb Field Fenced Off Till Labor Day

A huge section of Robb Field has been fenced off for re-seeding, the OB Rag found out, and will be closed off to the public until Labor Day.  We spoke with several San Diego Park & Rec guys to get the low-down.  Beginning on May 6th, the section had fences go up for the renovation of the grounds – some of which look fairly soddy and shoddy.

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 Roobgrd2Seeds will be spread, new dirt, rollers will smooth out the dirt – and this application happens three times.  And not for three months will these lands be free … unless …

One of the big problems for this area of the playing fields – where hundreds congregate each weekend – and run roughshod over the grounds – soccer, rugby, football … you name it – all kinds of feet, shoes, pleats trample over these sacred grounds of the once-watershed of False Bay – is the gopher.

Obviously these fields get a lot of use – and abuse during the playing seasons. Technically, Robb Field is “within” Mission Bay Park. Is it getting adequate funding for all its use?  Players come from all over the City and County. One more thing – does it seem unusual for the City to block off such a large area for such a long time? Can it all be blamed on our little furry friends, the gophers?

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 Roobfenc2Yup, gophers had also run and burrowed through these fields.  The City is trying some new method of pest control – and if successful, the fences may come down earlier.

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 weeds1The Weeds Are Back at OB’s Gateway Corner

Yup, good sized weeds are back – they have returned, even the native plants – and they appear higher and more plentiful than they did last September when the OB Rag and the Green Store sponsored a clean up of the corner.

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 weeds2We understand that a local church-like group will be cleaning the corner in late June.  But until then – let the weeds bloom.

Speaking about Weeds and Fences the Apple Tree Market Lot

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 App01The Hack Job at the Apple Tree Lot  –

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 App02Stinging from a complaint from the City of San Diego, the owner of the lot where the Apple Tree market once stood, has apparently hacked off the bushes that were camouflaging homeless people.

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 AppTr04So, now the site looks truly beautiful, with all the hacked bushes – with their bare cuts standing proudly – along with all those nice flowering weeds growing mightily throughout the site’s massive parking lot.

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 App03For the first time in over 50 years, there is no business occupant in the building and thus no one is providing maintenance to the lot itself, fenced up since the turn of the year.

Merchants complained to the police about the bushes providing cover to the highway travelers, and the City in turn cited the property.

So, the hack job. Pretty. Nice way to lease or sell your property.

Construction Progress on Units on Santa Monica

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 SantaMon02These photos are proof of the progress at the construction project at Santa Monica and Ebers – where 4 rental single family units with garages are going in.

OB weedsfences 5-22-13 SantaMon04

Lifeguard Memorial Unveiling in OB on Thursday, May 23rd

statue life Guard memA 6-foot, 3-inch-high bronze lifeguard memorial is scheduled to be dedicated at Ocean Beach tomorrow.   The work by Richard Arnold, who was raised in Ocean Beach, PLHS Class of 1959, will honor San Diego lifeguards, plus 13 swimmers who drowned in strong rip currents in May 1918.  The  dedication ceremony is set for 3 p.m. at the Ocean Beach Lifeguard Station, at the foot of Santa Monica Avenue. For more, go here and here.

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GeorgeSands May 23, 2013 at 11:23 pm

Where are all the druggies and marines looking to buy them?


jeffeck May 25, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Dude when w a s the last time you were in OB? The 70’s?


obracer May 24, 2013 at 7:18 am

In regards to the Apple Tree lot. The owner was asked to cut the shrub down to 24″ ? has anyone else noticed the height of the people that still sleep in the bushes when they are laying down is less than 18″ in height ?
EVERYDAY people sleep in the same places in Ocean Beach.
*The grass area next to the Veterans Memorial.
*The Apple Tree Lot parking lot between the 24″ bushes and the fence. At 10am you will find people sleeping or drinking.
*The beach side of the sea wall along the boardwalk, with tents !
*Against the fence at the park next to the lifeguard tower. Should the city and police force the owner to cut his 6ft covered fence to 24″ ?
*Robb Field has several sleeping & drinking areas. Behind the backstops of softball fields, in the horse shoe pit, on the pedestrian ramp behind the eyesore building next to the tennis courts.
S.D.P.D. Western division has been aware of these same issues for many, many years.

The one thing these places have in common is that officers have to actually GET OUT of the patrol car and look. Police and local business should stop blaming property owners for their lack of addressing the real issues.
The shrubs helped hide the ugly parking lot weeds, the bums still sleep in the bushes.
Maybe it’s not the bushes ? duh ! Instead of hanging out at the trailer to pretend it is used, police need to TAKE A WALK , LOOK AROUND. It sucks to see the bums in the bushes and then walk down the street to see two patrol cars parked next to the trailer, with officers inside.


Kenloc May 24, 2013 at 8:17 am

I have seen on several occasions officers walking 2 man patrols up and down the streets and alleys near Newport…


Jamie May 30, 2013 at 1:49 am

The “Units” have a sign saying “luxury homes” on them. I didn’t know luxury homes meant so close together like that.


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