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Another In a Series of Car Wash Reviews by the Widder Curry

car wash Rosecrans 02Rosecrans Car Wash
3768 Rosecrans St.
San Diego, CA 92110

 I have wanted to try the Rosecrans Car Wash ever since I read that I could have my car washed at the same time I could wash Buddy, my dog. Since we frequently go to Dog Beach, it seemed a natural thing to do, but for some reason – procrastination – I have not done so until today. And wouldn’t you know it – when I finally did go I had my student friend in the car and not Buddy.

The first – and only problem that I had was in finding the entrance into the lot. Even though the address is on Rosecrans, you enter the lot from Kurtz St. When I passed it and Monica asked me where we were going – we were headed East on Highway 8 – it became apparent to her that I had missed the entrance. We turned off on Taylor and backtracked to Rosecrans, not before getting stuck by a train as we attempted to cross the tracks. That was a 2-3 minute wait.

Then as we drove south on Rosecrans a bird took a dump on the windshield. He must have known where we were going, even if we didn’t know how to get there. As we came up Rosecrans near “See’s” candy, we realized that we could not enter the lot from there either and had to make a right hand turn back on to Rosecrans and almost an immediate right hand turn onto Kurtz. An immediate left hand turn brought us into the lot.

True enough – the sign proclaimed that it was also a dog wash and car wash. In fact, it is quite a deal. $19 for the car and the dog. (You wash the dog while your car is being vacuumed and washed.) The dog wash is operated by coins; there is shampoo and towels, albeit not very absorbent, and a dryer that would freak Buddy out. However, my daughter goes there frequently and just throws another towel in the car for her dog Toby.

Car wash Rosecrans 01The man that took my “order” was as friendly as anyone I have met at the other car washes. He did not try to sell me anything; asked if I wanted an air freshener because it came with the price of the wash; offered me a senior citizen discount and was friendly enough, when telling me the different aroma’s available I asked if there was one that smelled like a “margarita.” He said there wasn’t but “ . . . there is a pina colada.”

When I went in to pay I discovered that the owners are husband and wife, Korean, and very friendly. Monica, my student from Korea, enjoyed talking to Esther for a few moments, and Esther gave her some ideas as to where she can meet other people living in San Diego.

For awhile I wondered if I were in the right place because before my car came out of the wash, 5 BMW’s came out. But my Toyota felt right at home, as you can see from the picture.

It seemed like it took some time to get my car after I handed over the keys at 11:21. In fact, we didn’t drive off the lot until 11:47. And the cost was slightly higher than the other car washes I have reviewed – $15.95 o- which included a $2 senior discount. But you want to know what the difference was? The car was clean all over; inside; outside; the trunk; the blanket I had covering the back seat for when Buddy goes with me was lifted and the seat was vacuumed and put back. Even the tires were clean. In spite of the cost being higher than the other car washes, I think this will be where I go to have my car washed from now on – and with Buddy in the car – I will save $5.

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Stephanie March 5, 2013 at 8:04 pm

We love it there! I love getting my car washed and washing my dog at the same time! They do a a really good job washing the car and I like the simplicity of the dog wash. My dog is freaked out by the dryer but pretty much anything anything freaks him out! I would definately recommend bringing a beach towel for drying off the pup and also wear something that you don’t mind getting wet. They also do take credit cards at the dog wash.


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