OB Town Council President Helps to Showcase DeMaio’s Failed Environmental Record and Musgrove’s Own Extremism

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Councilman DeMaio speaking (in white shirt) with Town Council prez Jim Musgrove feigning inattention – in foreground with flowered shirt, OBTC Mayor Debate, Aug. 22, 2012.

One day after OB Town Council President Jim Musgrove covered for San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio’s tardiness to the town council debate Wednesday night, Musgrove joined DeMaio at a press conference in Ocean Beach.  In doing so, Musgrove assisted in showcasing DeMaio’s failed environmental record.

And Musgrove – by jumping into the mayoral campaign and attempting to be a booster for DeMaio – has shown just how partisan he actually is in his politics.  So, doing so, Musgrove did two things.

First, he helped bring attention locally to the extremist councilman’s dismal record on the environment. More on that below.

Second, he showed his own hand to be one of a deeply partisan and radical nature – that is, with his public display of support in favor of DeMaio – Jim Musgrove has given the village insight into his philosophy as head of the town council. And it ain’t purty.   By backing DeMaio’s right-wing extremism – a radicalism that wants to force San Diego back into the nineteenth century with his policies – Jim Musgrove has shown that he is way too partisan to lead the town council of Ocean Beach – a community that – for instance – voted overwhelmingly for Bob Filner during the Primary, and voted overwhelmingly in favor the 2010 Legalize Marijuana state-wide initiative.

So, just what is going on.

We have Musgrove’s cover for DeMaio’s lateness at the Town Council’s own mayoral “debate” Wednesday night, where Musgrove, chairing the meeting, kept a US Congressman waiting long after the time for the scheduled debate – only because DeMaio was late.  DeMaio’s lateness was never mentioned and no apology was given to Filner.

Then we have DeMaio’s OB press conference on Thursday, August 23rd, in front of the lifeguard station. This is where DeMaio was supposedly tooting his horn about his “concern” for the environment and San Diego’s beachfronts.  DeMaio:

“… vowed to better the quality of life and improve the coastal environment of San Diegans by investing in San Diego’s environment and beachfront infrastructure” so says his press release. 

Plus Carl had the audacity to say this:

“We must make our environment a priority in city government.”

And then there’s the part about Musgrove and his quote:

DeMaio was joined by community members who are calling on the city to invest in beachfront infrastructure which has experienced decades of neglect.

“Beach residents are glad to see Carl DeMaio put forward specific reforms to help restore coastal infrastructure, improve the coastal environment, look at creative new ways to deliver services by working with the community, and make San Diego’s coastline a priority,” said Jim Musgrove, Ocean Beach Town Council President.

Also standing with DeMaio was Tom Perotti, Vice President of the OB Community Development Corporation and he is also quoted in the candidate’s press release.

By appearing with hypocrite DeMaio at this highly charged moment in this historic mayoral race, both these men, Musgrove and to a lesser extent – Perotti – , are wrongly stepping into this partisan race.  They should – as leaders of this historically liberal, tolerant and environmentally-aware community – at least publicly remain neutral.  They violate their trust with the community of Ocean Beach – especially Musgrove for he is head of the town council that bears our community’s name – by appearing alongside DeMaio and helping to present his fraudulent and failed environmental record.


Because DeMaio really does has a failed environmental record as a member of the City Council of San Diego.  Anyone who has been watching DeMaio over these last few years and has a concern for the environment knows this. DeMaio – in terms of the environment – is the worst current San Diego councilmember.

DeMaio Received F’s and One D+ On Environmental Report Card

Carl DeMaio received F’s as his grades on the Environmental Quality Report Card in 2009 and 2011 and he mustered a D+ in 2010.  Not only is his record the worst on the Council, DeMaio also has a record of supporting developers and polluters.

The Environmental Quality Report Card is annually researched and published by the League of Conservation Voters in San Diego and has also received input from other leading local environmental organizations.

And this Report Card shows that Carl DeMaio has the worst cumulative score of any councilmember during those years 2009 – 2011. He was an opponent – not proponent – of responsible environmental policies on every issue having to do with the environment.

That is why it was so hypocritical for DeMaio to appear in front of OB’s crumbling lifeguard station – and that is why it was so wrong for Musgrove to appear by his side.

In response to DeMaio’s attempt to rebrand his mayoral campaign by releasing his so-called “environmental plan”, the president of the San Diego region’s leading politically active environmental organization called him out for his dismal performance at City Hall on environmental issues.

Livia Borak, President of the League of Conservation Voters San Diego, made the following statement in response to DeMaio’s press release:

“While the policy goals outlined by Carl DeMaio are welcome, they unfortunately still fail to reflect any serious engagement with the environmental challenges facing San Diego. Carl DeMaio’s claims of environmental leadership would be insulting if they weren’t so obviously laughable against his terrible record on environmental issues. …

“While Mr. DeMaio’s pledge to meet with the environmental community is welcome, it notably did not come in time for him to participate in an environmental mayoral forum held by LCV San Diego to field questions from several leading environmental organizations.

“Similarly, it’s encouraging to hear DeMaio discussing the importance of open space. However, DeMaio hasn’t appeared in the minutes of a single meeting of the San Dieguito River Valley Regional Open Space Joint Powers Authority since January 2011 — despite being one of the two San Diego City Councilmembers appointed as a representative to the board.”

The Environmental Quality Report Card is researched and published annually by the League of Conservation Voters San Diego and has received input from other leading environmental advocacy organizations. Report cards referenced in Borak’s statement can be found here:

We call upon Jim Musgrove to clarify his support for Carl DeMaio and to publicly list what DeMaio has actually done for the environment. In all truthiness.

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Katie G. August 24, 2012 at 6:49 pm

Hey, props to you Jim for vocalizing what you believe in and using the same rights this blog always praises… Freedom of Speech.


Frank Gormlie August 25, 2012 at 12:33 pm

Jim Musgrove is not just any citizen of OB; as a business owner non-OB resident, he sits on the Town Council as President, therefore, is supposed to be presenting the residents of the community, yet he hams it up for the cameras on behalf of the councilman is has done NOTHING for this beach community.


smuffy August 25, 2012 at 6:47 pm

I am so glad this conversation is happening. While we all enjoy our freedom of speech, when someone puts themselves in a position of representing a community I think they should be available to their community. After I read this article I was telling my partner that Jim is available for publicity but not for members of the community. He has never replied to any e-mail I have ever sent him. When I tried to get involved with the OBTC the whole group made it clear with their cold behavior that I was not welcome. That is inacceptable. It made it seem like community members are to be seen and not heard. They don’t even know me or what I bring to the table.


OB Cindi September 5, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Smuffy–“When I tried to get involved with the OBTC the whole group made it clear with their cold behavior that I was not welcome. That is unacceptable. It made it seem like community members are to be seen and not heard.” Well said my friend, well said!!! We need to find a way to have OBTC and OBMA audited by a neutral branch of govt so the fraud can be exposed! I am talking about awarding contracts for cleaning up after the parade or web page creation to friends, family and even THEMSELVES and only bringing others who will keep the fraud under wraps onto the board….god forbid one of us locals who don’t want money or business to get on the OB Town Council or expose the OBMA for what they really are….a business to do business for one another….


john September 5, 2012 at 4:43 pm

“god forbid one of us locals who don’t want money or business to get on the OB Town Council…”

In other news, The “anti-money and business” party’s candidate for the 2008 Presidential Election has withdrawn from the 2012 election, citing expectations that the vote of the one person who voted for him in 2008, who later died from starvation, would not be enough to win office even had he lived.
Cindi, there is a fine line between corruption/crony capitalism in politics, and civic leaders promoting good business for the benefit of the whole community-which provides tax revenues to support services like parks, schools, hospitals, even welfare and food stamps.
Your statements sound about 100 miles to the left of that line, maybe someone should point out that pursuing a political career might be a waste of efforts by yourself humanity could otherwise better from. Money puts food on the table produced by business. It couldn’t be simpler than that.


OB Cindi September 6, 2012 at 8:46 am

HUH JOHN?!?! OBMA do not promote business–they collect money from the taxes of local merchants in downtown OB, then turn around and pit those same little mom and pop shops they take money from, and who have been here FOREVER on Newport, against flea market merchants, oops, I mean Farmers Market merchants, who come in from OUTSIDE OB for 5 hours each week with items NOT MADE locally, and drive away from Newport with all those taxable dollars essentially STEALING from the mouths of the local merchants and their staff who live hand-to-mouth. If you walk down our Farmers Market any given Wednesday, you will see a guy selling pizza, yet there are no less than 3 local shops who strictly sell pizza and NEED that business to not be stolen from them. Then there’s the sushi stand during Farmers Market when a new sushi house opened up just a few feet away, and vendors selling jewelry when we have 5 jewelery stores right on Newport alone, and other stalls selling hippie clothes when Sunshine Dreams is hurting for business. John, the truth is so clear to all who are reading this comment section–open your eyes!!!. Whether conservative or liberal, I know those who read OBRag are typically intelligent enough to know when fellow OBcians are being hood-winked by a group that are making PERSONAL PROFIT in private deals behind closed doors, but running as a not-for-personal profit under the guise of using local tax revenue to increase business in downtown OB (OBMA). If you don’t believe the mom and pop merchants in downtown OB are angry and frustrated, go door to door and ask them…oh, that’s right, two of the merchants I am talking about have gone OUT of business in the last few months BECAUSE of being pitted against Farmers Market merchants for income to create taxes for our local parks, schools and general welfare here in OB. So maybe before you make a statement that is 100 percent off base, maybe you should take a poll of our local merchants and their employees and see what people really think about the OB Town Council board members only recruiting friends for the board, and what they think of the OBMA giving contract work to their family and friends for personal gain while pitting downtown OB shops against “lemonade stand” merchants who are encouraged by OBMA to STEAL tax revenues away from those who make goods, sell goods and donate money to improving OB and its citizens. It couldn’t be easier than just getting up off your couch, and taking a little stroll down Newport this Wednesday….


Jettyboy August 25, 2012 at 9:54 am

Brings to mind an old TV show quote by Gomer, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE !!!


smuffy August 25, 2012 at 10:03 am

Right on Frank! Thank you so much for having the heart to say things that others fear saying, just plain ignore, or are oblivious to. OB prides itself on being inclusive and earth loving. When our community leaders are not inclusive and don’t seem to care about our environment it really makes leadership look like an exclusive social club rather than a group of folks committed to community service. We all matter. OB should be finding ways to include people from our community that want to participate and serve the community. Who knows what great gifts we pass on when we are exclusive? Together we are strong. Divided we are mad. I’m real proud of you for this article. Good job.


Terrie Leigh Relf August 26, 2012 at 4:54 pm

While this is probably a sophomoric question, I would like to know just what the board is supposed to do. . .not what they’re doing or not doing. Is there an ap for that?

What is the City supposed to do? Ditto.

What your article reminds me of so intensely, is how these so-called leaders seem to lack awareness that many of their constituents actually track their actions and inactions. Once again I ask the billion-dollar rhetorical question: Do they think we’re stoopid?

Great job, Bossman! Wish I’d been there. . .I’ll be teaching at National throughout Sept. on Wednesdays, so you won’t need to zap me for the meetings until Oct.


Frank Gormlie August 26, 2012 at 6:40 pm

The Board – which is made up of some very fine people and community-minded activists – tries to promote OB and also controls several thousands of dollars – which is doled out to groups, projects and organizations in and around the village. During certain years in their annual election to the Board, there haven’t been sufficient candidates so Jim Musgrove appoints individuals. One year, Jim realized that I would win a seat as a business owner (OB Rag) and so, he finagled an end end around the election process and had me kicked off the list of nominees. Nevertheless, Jim and a few of his allies treat the Town Council as their own playground. We’re waiting for decent leadership to emerge and set the Council rightward – a leadership that can truly represent OB. ]

One thing I learned while working for community groups in City Heights years ago was how neighborhood activists “played” both sides of the aisle on behalf of their beloved community. They would never appear in the pocket of any particular side – like Musgrove has here. The only good thing he can do now is to volunteer to appear with Filner in a similar pose. Until then, his partisan nature is not in good taste and doesn’t belong at the helm of the OB Town Council.


Terrie Leigh Relf November 6, 2012 at 8:28 pm

Thank you, Frank.


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