San Diego May Day Actions and Activities

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Here is an up to date schedule and calendar of May Day actions and activities in San Diego:

  • 11 am – May Day Rally at City College – 11 am
  • 12 Noon- Stand in Solidarity with Janitors  – Rally at Civic Center and March to Sherman Heights Market

 SEIU-USWW will be hosting a rally 12 pm at the Civic Center in Downtown San Diego and will be marching to the Sherman Heights Farmer’s Market. (See info below)

  • 2:00 pm – Bank Action Against Bank of America and Wells Fargo March from Civic Center to 5th & B Street
  •   3:3o pm – Stand in Solidarity with Teachers  at their Teacher Lay Off rally at Roosevelt Middle School in Balboa Park,

The San Diego Education Association is hosting this rally.

  • 5:30 pm – Chicano Park Festival


Here is more info on the 12 Noon Rally in Solidarity:

 On May 1st, 2012, working families from throughout the county will rally in San Diego’s Civic Center as part of a day of action against the 1% who for too long have impeded progress from the 99% across the country.

“Despite of the economic crisis , I keep fighting so that I can offer my children a dignified life, one filled with great opportunity and prosperity,” says María Felix, a janitor for 17 years. “I am a proud janitor. I clean after the 1%, and I will not allow building owners or their contractors threaten to stop our progress. Together we will march; and together we will win the fight for a better life.”

Workers have felt the weight of economic policies do not benefit the majority. Working families deserve dignity and respect, policies that attack the quality of life of the majority and the two-party system that sides with the 1% of will be held accountable.  It’s time to recognize the tremendous contributions of working families, it’s time to stand with the majority.

List of Official Endorsing Organizations:

 UFCW Local 135
UniteHERE Local 30
San Diego Labor Council
United Taxi Workers
AFT Local 1931
CPI, Center on Policy Initiatives
Union Del Barrio
Anakbayan SD
Canvass for a Cause
Equality Alliance of San Diego
AFSC San Diego
ERC, Employee Rights Center
La Invasora 99.7
CA Domestic Workers Coalition
OSD Labor Solidarity
International Socialist Organization

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Wildcat Strike May 1, 2012 at 11:22 am


General Assembly of the People of San Diego
May Day
Freedom Plaza
(aka: Civic Center Plaza)

Called by Occupy San Diego
(1) Assess May Day events
(2) Think about plans going ahead


Monty Kroopkin May 1, 2012 at 11:45 am

2012-05-01 — HIGHLIGHTS:

01 May 2012 – Tue
•(10a) San Diego City Council Meeting (includes Public Comment) at 202 “C” St (12th floor), San Diego, CA 92101
•(10a) San Diego City Council Meeting (includes Public Comment) at 202 “C” St (12th floor), San Diego, CA 92101
•MAY DAY SAN DIEGO – A Day Without the 99% – International Workers Day by Occupy Labor Solidarity – also check Occupy Labor Solidarity’s event page or FB Event page. Some of the events will run concurrently.
•(11a) City College Rally just east of Park Blvd. and A Street, then march to CivicCenterPlaza.
•(12p) Rally at Civic Center Plaza – speakers to include workers from various occupations (small ‘o’), then a march will start at Civic Center, go through downtown and end at the proposed Wal-Mart site in Sherman Heights between 21st and 22nd on Imperial Ave sometime after 2 PM.
•(2p-4p) Occupy San Diego Events at CivicCenterPlaza. Also actions are planned in the financial district just a couple of blocks to the east at the various banks (B of A, Wells Fargo on B Street and at Citibank near Horton Plaza).
•(3:30p-6p) SDEA Rally at Roosevelt Middle School and March to Board Meeting – NOT AN OLS EVENT, This event for SDEA runs concurrently with the other events listed here. SDEA: The event begins at 3:30 at Roosevelt Middle School. Work at a late-start school? If you can’t make it to Roosevelt before the march takes off at 4:15, join the march at the Education Center on Normal Street from 4:45 – 5:15 before it loops back to Roosevelt.
•(4p-6p) OSD Labor Solidarity Rally at Civic Center and March to Chicano Park around 6 PM to join the event in progress at Chicano Park. There will be many speakers at Civic Center, representing organized and non-organized groups, including hotel workers, in-home care providers, representatives from student groups, LGBT activists on achieving equality in the workplace, and more.
•(5:30p) Chicano Park Festival
•(6p) March to and direct action at the Westin Hotel near Horton Plaza protesting management’s lack of willingness to negotiate a new contract with the hotel workers there.
•(7p) GA at Freedom Plaza


Mike May 1, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Looks like another failure. Occupy needs to get their act together. They have a major image problem, unsympathetic voters, and bias of the populace of them being homeless, vagrants, drug users and disrespectful.

While I agree with the purpose of the movement, to play the game you have to act the part. This will begin to get them respect. Destroying private property, blocking intersections, disrespecting communities by putting up their flyers in neighborhoods is not the way to move forward.


Jim May 1, 2012 at 3:19 pm

Yes… and you may wish to do something about the table offering copies of Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” or the folks waving the Soviet era flag! Or to quote John Lennon: “If you go carrying your pictures of Chairman Mao… you ain’t gonna make it with anyone, anyhow.”


doug porter May 1, 2012 at 4:37 pm

re: the “play the game, act the part” in mike’s comment.
if you’d actually attended Occupy events, you’d find that the crowd was pretty diversified. sadly, the TV news folks and their republican friends have (with some degree of success) sought to tar and feather Occupy with the taint of homelessness and anarchism.
then “it must be true, because everybody says it’s true” kicks in and the crowd starts to live up to the smear in a few more instances. again the media blows these up out of proportion. and a truth is born. it doesn’t have to be that way.
so mike, while you’re sitting at home and “agreeing” with the movement, why don’t you try just doing ONE thing this week that doesn’t abet the 1%. and, yes, doing nothing IS abetting the 1%. hate the posters? an idea, a letter to the editor, or even an argument with your hopelessly fascist uncle will do.
just ONE thing, mike. can you do that?


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