“Save our homes” foreclosure bank action March 15th

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Come help us keep pressure on local and federal government to help people out of this financial crisis.

ACCE has a new bill, the Property Value Protection bill they have presented to City Council as something we can do on a local level to help people out of their foreclosure crisis. They will talk about what we can do on a local level. a More speakers to be announced . Come support or tell your story!

1100 3rd Ave. @ B St. march to 401 B St. , San Diego, CA 92101

Meet at Civic Center/Freedom Plaza downtown at 11 am Thursday, March 15th and march to Well Fargo at 4th Ave.and B Street.

We will end with a performance by the Occupellas!!

Sign up on Facebook or link below or just come and bring signs and your voices!

To sign up for this event, click here:

 Why we must demonstrate and Save Our Homes

He’s the most powerful man you’ve never heard of, and he’s single-handedly standing in the way of a housing recovery.

Ed DeMarco—a George W. Bush appointee—oversees the country’s biggest mortgage holders, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. DeMarco is denying millions of homeowners the chance to bring mortgages in line with real home values because of his personal political ideology. He’s rejected a plan that economists are calling for in order to help homeowners, taxpayers, and the economy.1

But President Obama could change that with bold action right away. That’s why, on Thursday, we’re delivering petitions signed by members of MoveOn, New Bottom Line, and other progressive allies, asking President Obama to throw homeowners a lifeline—and fire Ed DeMarco. We’ll take them straight to Obama For America offices and other locations that amplify our message.

The pressure on DeMarco is increasing, with the White House, members of Congress, and others questioning his decision to prevent meaningful help to homeowners.2 And DeMarco’s own agency says that allowing homeowners to adjust their mortgages to real home values would save taxpayers $28 billion.3

President Obama has already shown he’s willing to take brave action with the recess appointment of Richard Cordray to the Consumer Protection Bureau—now he needs to do the same to protect homeowners.4 Because helping homeowners keep their homes won’t just save money, it will also allow the housing market to recover and the economy to rebuild.

Homeowners like MoveOn members Theodore R. of Los Gatos, CA, and Lisa F. of Philadelphia have seen their American Dream become a nightmare as they struggle to keep their homes despite stalling, fraud, and red tape from big mortgage holders. And a brave whistle-blower recently revealed that some big banks have deliberately prevented homeowners from getting the mortgage help they deserve.5

But the 99% is standing up by fighting foreclosures, occupying homes, and moving our money out of big banks. Now it’s time to ask the president to stand with us and be a homeowner hero by replacing Ed DeMarco with someone who will give homeowners real help. You can join the movement to Save Our Homes by attending the event in San Diego on Thursday.

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